When Does NCIS: Sydney Return With New Episodes On CBS?

NCIS: Sydney is taking a break halfway through its first season. When does the new spin-off return with new episodes?

NCIS: Sydney just started its run on CBS, but it’s already taking a break. When do new episodes of the series return?

Thanks to the strikes hitting Hollywood this year, for the first time since 2004, CBS didn’t have NCIS debuting in the fall of 2023. With the strikes settled, the show is set to return in February along with NCIS: Hawaii.

Thankfully, CBS had managed to get a deal with Australian TV for NCIS: Sydney. Originally intended just for Paramount+, CBS was able to use the show for primetime viewing with its debut in November.

The show has done well in the ratings and the last episode was good, showcasing Doc caught in a hostage situation by a troubled woman with a bomb. It also revealed Doc’s distractions in recent episodes were because his wife had been checked into a facility for her failing mental health.

That was an exciting episode, so fans may be annoyed that it’s going to be a while before the next episode. Of course, it’s standard for CBS shows to take a break around the holidays and wait until the new year for more programming. So when does the next episode of NCIS: Sydney air?


When will NCIS: Sydney Season 1, Episode 6 air on CBS?

The series will return on Tuesday, Jan. 9 with Episode 6, “Extraction.”

““When a man in a concealed U.S. Navy jacket drops dead from a cocaine overdose on a crowded bus in Bondi, the investigation pulls Evie (Tuuli Narkle) back into her past as an undercover narcotics cop.””

The long break will give time to build up interest again and the timing works as this would mean NCIS: Sydney wraps up its first season just in time for NCIS Season 21 to premiere in February.

There’s no word yet if the show will get a second season, but at least fans can expect more fun and action Down Under in 2024 to keep up this great new spin-off.


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