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Who Is Austin Gatlin-Holt And Mason’s Newly Male General Hospital Boss?

Is it a familiar face from GH’s past?

For months, General Hospital fans were beaten over the head with the mysterious boss pulling Austin Gatlin-Holt and Mason’s strings being a woman. Nope. We’re changing that. The big boss is a man now. So who can it be?

Austin Gatlin-Holt: Daddy’s Home

Austin (Roger Howarth) claimed his pop, Jimmy Lee Holt, is dead. But 7% of the audience would love to see the illegitimate Quartermaine country bumpkin heir pop up and announce, “Surprise! I’m like my late Daddy now! Give me all your money!”

One More Round, Boys

Julian Jerome (William deVry) has come back from the dead before, so why not again, 12% of you shrug. He’s a mob boss from a long line of mob bosses. And since the only people he cared about in Port Charles, daughter Sam (Kelly Monaco), son Lucas, and, sometimes, baby mama, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), aren’t on Austin’s radar, Julian wouldn’t care who gets hurt.

Another Blast From General Hospital Past

If GH is going to bring back a mobster rival for Sonny (Maurice Benard), then 16% would prefer Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King). He and Carly (Laura Wright) have a past. And you know Carly, with Drew (Cameron Mathison) in prison, she’s going to be looking around for someone to adore her. Alcazar has done it before. He can do it again.


Austin Gatlin-Holt: Right Under Your Nose

It’s so obviously Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), 25% sigh. Did you see that look the other day with Austin in the hospital? He’s been faking the whole redemption bit, and, in fact, has been running an empire from a jail cell. Which is a good thing. Pious Cyrus is a snooze. Wheeler-dealer Cyrus is a reason to keep watching.

Mystery Dinner

But, in the end, 40% admit they have no clue. At this rate, it could be anyone. And with the change of gender mid-story, we have to assume the show has no idea who they intend for it to be either. Now that’s truly surprising!


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