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Best Moments From The Big Brother 25 Finale

The BB 25 finale was filled with excitement, including announcing the winner, America’s Favorite Houseguest, and a new show from the BB universe.

Big Brother 25 came to an exciting conclusion during the finale, and there are many memorable moments that stand out. To celebrate its milestone season, Big Brother 25 was a record-breaking 100 days long. It featured many twists and turns that were accidentally unleashed by legends Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes, and Frankie Grande through the Time Laser. Four multiverses–the BB Comic-Verse, Humili-Verse, Scary-Verse, and Scramble-Verse–took over the game. Also, Survivor legend Cirie Fields was revealed as the 17th houseguest, secretly playing alongside her son, Jared Fields.

Hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, the Big Brother 25 finale had some highly anticipated moments. The jury members–Cameron Hardin, Cory Wurtenberger, Blue Kim, America Lopez, Cirie Fields, and Felicia Cannon–had a discussion with Big Brother 2 winner and icon Dr. Will Kirby, in which they debated the merits of the Final 3–Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, and Bowie Jane. Two showmances, Matt and Reilly Smedley, and Jared and Blue Kim, had their long-awaited reunions. Here are ten more of the best moments of the Big Brother 25 finale.

The Big Brother 25 Cast Reveals Their Secrets
The Big Brother Pre-Jury Members Watched The Show From Home

Julie then welcomed back the Big Brother 25 pre-jury members–Kirsten Elwin, Reilly, Hisam Goueli, Red Utley, Izzy Gleicher, Jared, and Mecole Hayes–to reveal some secrets about the houseguests. They’d been watching Big Brother 25 from the comfort of their own homes. Hisam shared that he was surprised to learn that Mecole was a political consultant because she’d told everyone that she was a teacher. He said that they would’ve been the Final 2 if they’d worked together sooner.

Bowie also revealed her secret that she’s not just a DJ, but also a criminal trial attorney, who specializes in money laundering and tax fraud. Felicia revealed that Cameron had guessed that Bowie was an attorney just a few days ago. Felicia also declared that they knew that Bowie wasn’t 35, as she’d told the houseguests, and asked her how old she really was. Bowie replied that she’s 45years old, but lied about her age because she knew her fellow houseguests would be younger. Julie said that 45 has never looked more youthful.

Cirie & Jared Fields Reveal They’re Mother & Son
Only Izzy & Blue Knew Cirie & Jared’s Secret

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the Big Brother 25 finale was the jury finally finding out that Cirie and Jared were mother and son. Julie asked Matt to guess who might be related. He guessed showmance Cory and America, which caused uproarious laughter from everyone. Matt then said that he didn’t think it through, and he didn’t know. Jared then said, “I know who is related. I was playing this game with my mother.” Julie asked Jared’s mom to identify herself, and Cirie raised her hand. They hugged, while Blue stood up and applauded. In a hilarious segment, the pre-jurors’ reactions to hearing the secret were shown.

Felicia laughed as she shouted, “No wonder I couldn’t break through that!” Cory marveled, “I voted out Jared and thought I could work with Cirie.” Cirie and Jared’s close ally, Izzy, admitted to everyone that she knew they were related on night one. She recognized Jared’s face from social media before they even entered the house because she’s a fan of Cirie. Jared confessed that the other person who knew was his showmance Blue because she was the one and only person he could trust besides Izzy. Cirie seemed annoyed by this because they had an agreement that they wouldn’t tell anyone. She told Jared they’d talk after the show.


Jag Bains Wins Big Brother 25
Jag Makes History As The First Sikh Winner Of Big Brother

The time finally came for the Big Brother 25 jury members to cast their votes for the winner. Julie revealed that Cirie and Felicia voted for Matt, while Cameron, Cory, America, Blue, and Bowie voted for Jag. This meant that Jag won Big Brother 25 by a vote of 5-2, and became the first Sikh winner of the show. He’s also the first winner to previously have been unanimously evicted during the game. Jag gushed that he felt on top of the world, saying that it was the greatest experience of his life. He took home the $750,000 grand prize, while Matt won $75,000 as the runner-up.

Cameron Hardin Wins America’s Favorite Houseguest
Cameron Won 3 HOH & 2 Power Of Veto Competitions During Big Brother 25

Julie also announced that Cameron won America’s Favorite Houseguest, which was chosen by Big Brother fans. The Top 3 fan vote-getters, in no particular order, were Cirie, Matt, and Cameron. Cameron teared up when his name was announced. He said, “Thank you so, so much. I am speechless. Thank you so much.” As America’s Favorite Houseguest, Cameron is the recipient of $50,000.

Julie Chen Moonves Announces Big Brother Reindeer Games
Big Brother Reindeer Games Premieres December 11

What could be better than an exciting Big Brother finale? An announcement that more Big Brother is just around the corner! At the very end of the show, Julie announced that she was receiving another transmission. Danielle, Britney, and Frankie returned to the Big Brother house to fix it with the Time Laser by closing the multiverse. However, they suddenly changed into Christmas outfits, while an Advent calendar with 9 boxes appeared on the Memory Wall.

Julie then announced Big Brother Reindeer Games, a new game with a new set of rules from the BB universe. In the game, legendary Big Brother players will return to compete to be the last one standing in six action-packed holiday-themed episodes. Big Brother favorites Jordan Lloyd, Derek Xiao, and Tiffany Mitchell will make special appearances as Santa’s elves. Julie also revealed that one of the Big Brother 25 houseguests would be invited to compete. Big Brother Reindeer Games premieres on December 11 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

The Big Brother 25 finale was exciting to watch, and was a true reflection of the season as a whole. No one would have expected that Jag would win the whole show when he was unanimously evicted in week 4. However, Matt’s use of the Power of Invincibility kept him in the game, and they then shared a bond that couldn’t be broken. Cameron’s win for America’s Favorite Houseguest was well-deserved, and he’s certain to compete in a future season of the show, perhaps Reindeer Games. Big Brother 25 was the perfect way to celebrate the beloved reality competition show’s milestone season.


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