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Big Brother 25: Hisam Roasts Jared In The Worst Possible Way Following His Eviction

In a season of Big Brother 25 that has already seen its fair share of drama and unexpected turns, the eviction of Jared Fields has added another layer of complexity. His exit from the show became a social media spectacle, thanks in part to Hisam, a former contestant who was evicted on Day 23.

Hisam took to Instagram to celebrate Jared’s eviction with a story that read, “HAPPY JARRD EVICTION DAY! [sic]” The misspelling of Jared’s name, intentional or not, caught the eye of many, leading to a flurry of likes and reposts. Hisam’s Instagram story was a reflection of broader sentiments about Jared’s eviction, sentiments that have been brewing both inside and outside the Big Brother house.

Why Big Brother 25’s Hisam celebrated “Jarrd Eviction Day”

Hisam’s Instagram story was a flashpoint that ignited discussions across social media platforms. The Instagram story itself was simple but loaded with meaning. By misspelling Jared’s name, Hisam added an extra layer of mockery to his celebration.

For the uninitiated, Hisam was also a contestant on Big Brother 25 and was evicted on Day 23 after finishing in 14th place. His eviction came 35 days before Jared’s, who was sent packing on Day 58.

During the previous part of the season, Hisam was blindsided by Felicia, Jared’s mother, and a strong alliance, which could be the reason why he was celebrating on social media. Jared was also the one who voted for Hisam’s eviction when he was in the block against Cameron. Hisam lost to Cameron by 11-0 and was evicted.

Both contestants had their own fan bases, strategies, and personal relationships that influenced their time on the show. However, Hisam’s Instagram story and the subsequent fan reactions show that evictions don’t just end when a contestant walks out the door, and can last long after the season is over.


Jared’s journey on Big Brother 25 was full of ups and downs. After being evicted in a dramatic double eviction episode, Jared got a lifeline. He returned as a ‘Zombie’ to compete for a chance to re-enter the Big Brother 25 house. Jared faced off against Cameron in a three-round competition.

The competition was called ‘The Resurrection Rumble,’ and it involved balancing balls in a shovel. Jared started at a disadvantage, as Cameron already had a four-ball lead from previous rounds. Despite his best efforts, he faced setbacks that cost him dearly. He had to restart twice when balls fell out of his shovel, allowing Cameron to extend his lead.

By the time Jared had only 14 balls in his shovel, Cameron had successfully hit the button with all 30 balls, sealing his win and ending Jared’s hopes of returning to the game. Cameron, having the choice to compete in the final ‘Do or Die’ competition, chose to take fate into his own hands.

He won, dashing Jared’s hopes of re-entering Big Brother 25. The latter was visibly emotional, seeking comfort from Felicia and his mother, Cirie Fields.


Jared Fields’ eviction from Big Brother 25 has sparked discussions and revealed the complex interplay of strategy and personal relationships that contestants must manage. Hisam’s Instagram story, mentioning “HAPPY JARRD EVICTION DAY,” and the fan reactions it elicited, have made it clear that in the Big Brother house, every action has consequences, and the drama is far from over.


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