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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: The Vote Starts To Flip Against Mecole

It is Wednesday in the Big Brother 25 house. Therefore, it’s inevitable that the houseguests have been discussing their options on who to evict this week. The houseguests have been considering both sides but up until today, Felicia was likely going out of the house on Thursday.

Now it seems that Mecole’s days in the Big Brother house could be coming to an end. Cory has been the main one spearheading the campaign to keep Felicia and vote out Mecole. Jag and Matt have also spoken about the idea. However, the gears really started turning when Jag and Matt realized keeping Felicia would hurt Cory’s game. Then Cory pitched this vote flip to Cameron, Bowie, and Jag.

Cameron started to change his mind because Jag, Matt, and Cameron saw a few benefits of keeping Felicia over Mecole. Cory, Jag, Matt, America, Bowie, and Cameron all believe that Mecole is the better competitor of what they deem as the other side. They also fear Blue and Mecole working together because they could become a powerful duo. Additionally, they know Cirie has become closer to Mecole than Felicia. Therefore, they are banking on Cirie and Felicia’s fractured relationship making it hard for that side to really become a force.

Now, Cameron, Jag, and Matt also believe this is a good move for them because it helps paint the picture that Cory caused the flip and is a mastermind. Therefore, they hope it will grow Cory’s target and that Cirie, Felicia, and Blue will go after Cory instead of Cameron, Jag, and Matt. In addition, Cameron wants to tell Cirie or Blue, if they win Head of Household, that Cory wanted to blindside them at first with the vote.


They will also downplay Cory’s involvement in saving her if Felicia wins Head of Household. Basically, they want to push Cory under the bus with this decision once the time is right. They also know Mecole is less likely to go after Cory and America, and they believe Felicia is more likely to go after Cory and America.

America, Jag, Matt, and Cory also basically told Blue that they wanted to keep Felicia. This was a coordinated decision with Cameron to not blindside Blue and to help create the story that Cory is the mastermind of this decision. They also hope Blue will tell Cirie, Felicia, and Mecole to show how much influence Cory has on that side.

Additionally, Jag, Matt, and Cameron have spoken about telling Mecole that they’re voting her out tomorrow morning, to not blindside anyone. They were planning to keep the nominees and Cirie and Blue in the dark, but now they realize it’s unnecessary, thanks to the Bowie influence.

There is still a lot of time left before tomorrow’s eviction. This means that decisions can change at any moment. However, because they have already put the flip in motion, it’s not looking good for Mecole.

Do you think the houseguests will vote out Mecole instead of Felicia tomorrow? Let us know in the comment section.


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