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Big Brother 25’s Izzy Talks About Why She Kept The Cirie In The House Secret And How She Feels About Cameron

Julie Chen Moonves sat down for an interview with Big Brother 25 houseguest Izzy Gleicher. They chatted about God, the BB25 cast, Izzy’s friendship with Cirie Fields, her flute playing, and other game-related topics.

Izzy also touched on how much she enjoyed playing the game, even though she was the sixth person eliminated from Big Brother 25.

Julie also asked about Izzy’s regrets in the game, which brought up how early Izzy told Jared Fields that she knew he was the son of Cirie Fields. She stated that she did not regret telling them what she knew, but she did regret the timing.

“I’m super proud of myself Julie. I never had any intention of going in there and not causing a ruckus,” Izzy answered when asked if she had additional regrets.

Izzy also hinted at wanting to play Big Brother again if she gets invited back. “I think that my first mistake in the game was how I told Jared,” Izzy told Julie when asked why she kept their secret.

“I think it was inevitable that I was going to tell Jared and Cirie that I knew, but I was pumped full of adrenaline and excited, and I, expect the unexpected. Julie, you did that to me because I really thought about the game before I went in there, and seeing, of all people, Cirie Fields, that was not at all on the list of things to prepare for,” Izzy elaborated.


“So I absolutely acted out of impulse,” Izzy added. She later stated that she just clicked with Jared and Cirie, and the chemistry was there to work together. Izzy also called themselves a strong trio. It never crossed her mind to let anyone else know about the secret because she bonded closely with them.

Izzy was asked if she made additional life-long friends within the Big Brother 25 cast. She listed Jared (in addition to Cirie) and mentioned speaking with Cory Wurtenberger.

Izzy also noted that she doesn’t dislike anyone from the BB25 cast.

Julie asked how her friendship with Cory formed. Izzy said it was when Cory talked to her about working with Cirie, and things developed from that point.

“My opinions about Cameron have not changed. I’m proud of picking him for Piggy Pals,” Izzy mentioned about punishing Cameron by making him help her in a challenge and wear a pig costume for a week.

She relished the opportunity to punish Cameron after they failed to get along earlier in the season.


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