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Blue Bloods’ Danny And Baez Romance ‘Sealed’ As Fans Spot Major ‘Jealousy’ Clue

On Friday, CBS’ beloved generational drama, Blue Bloods premiered its highly anticipated season 14 finale.

As well as watching the family of law enforcers take down criminals, fans were also eager to finally see Jennifer Esposito’s long-awaited return as Jackie Curatola.

The detective left the NYPD in season three due to stress, which led Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) to become Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) partner.

During the episode, Danny re-partnered with Jackie to find Dr Leonard Walker (Mather Zickel).

As the murderer had been quietly released from prison, Danny and Baez needed Jackie’s help as the Chief of Police to tie him to the recent killing sprees.

As they closed in on the criminal, Dr Walker sneaked into Jackie’s home and attacked her before disappearing into the night.

Soon enough Danny and Jackie were forced to go their separate ways, which Baez watched closely from the car.

As Danny watched his former partner from the patrol car, Baez asked if he was ok, to which he reassured her: “I’m exactly where I want to be.”

Fans spotted Baez’s envy and took to social media certain it would force her to open up about her feelings, so they can embark on a romance in season 14.


Taking to Twitter @naturenohurry91 asked: “Who else caught the look on Maria’s face, as she watched Danny and Jackie hug goodbye?”

As @Sportsnthings1 anticipated: “The exchange between Danny Jackie & Maria makes me think next season Danny and Maria will end up together.”

@Mz_Tamika88 tweeted: “I wish Maria and Danny get together already.”

A fourth viewer @littlee0618 echoed: “Can Danny and Baez please please get together now? Thanks.”

While @MyBlueWorld777 shared: “Ooooo did I just see a twinge of jealousy for a second Baez??”

Since Baez’s introduction in season three, viewers have longed for her and Danny to become romantically involved.

The longing was fuelled after the detective revealed he was ready to date again following the season eight death of his wife, Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson).

In the previous episode, fans also watched in awe as Danny used all his resources to ensure Baez’s well-being and became extremely protective of her when her life was threatened.


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