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Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan Revealed When He’ll Leave The Show

One of the series’ most beloved stars, Donnie Wahlberg, recently revealed when he plans on departing from Blue Bloods, and the show’s fans are out of breathing room.

Blue Bloods has been going strong for what seems like an eternity now, having recently been renewed for season 14.

The show now has 275 episodes and counting, and with the strong support from the fan community, there’s hope to achieve the major milestone of three hundred episodes total soon enough.

In the heart of Blue Bloods is the Reagan family, and every main character belongs to their bloodline, be it a police officer or a lawyer.

Commissioner Frank and his three children, Erin, Jamie, and Danny are the sweethearts of the fans — and, fortunately, they’re in the epicenter of every single episode.

As it goes in many families, there are those who get more attention. For Blue Bloods fans, Danny is the most loved “child” that the audience cares the most about.

Fortunately, these feelings are mutual, as Donnie Wahlberg, Danny’s actor, is also absolutely delighted with starring in the show and interacting with the fans.

Recently, Donnie revealed just how much he loves working on Blue Bloods, and it’s just heartwarming.

“It’s a blessing to be part of something so successful that means so much to so many people. I dance around the set — even get Tom [Selleck] to do a little shoulder shake — laugh a lot, have fun,” shared the actor.


Donnie is famously close friends with Selleck, the actor who plays Commissioner Frank Reagan: the show made the two men best buddies.

Their friendship is one of the defining factors for Donnie’s dedication to the series on par with fans’ love and him having a generally great time on the set of Blue Bloods.

When it comes to the question of his potential departure from the show, Wahlberg’s decision is set in stone: he will only leave the show when there’s no one else who cares about it.

“I don’t know how many seasons the studio and network will make the show, but I can say that I made a commitment to Tom [Selleck] and Bridget [Moynahan] in Season 1 that I was with them as long as they wanted to go,” states Donny.

The Blue Bloods fans can rest assured that Danny Reagan isn’t going anywhere — for as long as people watch the show and his friends and colleagues are staying.


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