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Blue Bloods Producer Almost Ruined Tom Selleck’s Iconic Look Back In S1

Tom Selleck is the main star of the Blue Bloods series. He plays Frank Reagan, Commissioner of the NYPD, and his stellar performance is one of the many reasons fans still love Blue Bloods so much after more than a decade.

However, Selleck’s character has one particular thing that is already iconic about him: his legendary look.

It turns out that his mustache is almost as famous as he is. And it is hard to imagine the actor without this iconic detail! The mustache has also become part of the character.

Selleck in particular has made a trend out of this type of styled mustache. And this particular chevron mustache adds to the stern and serious character roles he tends to play.

So when fans found out that there was a time when the producers of Blue Bloods wanted him to lose it, they were shocked!


In an interview with BUILD Series, Selleck admitted that before filming the show, one of the producers asked him if he could shave the iconic mustache off.

Tom had no problem with it initially, jokingly saying he was born without one and can shave easily.

But then Leonard Goldberg, the creator of the show, checked with CBS. And… it turned out that Tom was only needed with his famous mustache, so the executives killed the idea of him shaving it off.

Since then, Selleck and his mustache have become inseparable. He is forced to endure countless questions about his facial hair and how many fans see it as a key part of his personality and image on screen.

Well, who knew we almost lost the iconic Frank Reagan look! Thanks, CBS.


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