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Blue Bloods Season 14: Release Date Speculation, Plot, Cast And More Updates

Fans of Blue Bloods have cause to rejoice as the popular program has been confirmed for a fourteenth season! Fans are looking forward to the Reagan family’s return and their usual Sunday dinners, despite the seemingly endless wait. But first, let’s review what transpired during the dramatic climax of season 13 of Blue Bloods before diving into the most recent information on the premiere of season 14.

One Reagan family member made a significant career choice in the season finale. Erin, who was considering running for district attorney, finally came to the conclusion that helping victims rather than mixing with the affluent social set was her true calling. Furthermore, fans got to witness the return of some well-known characters, including Erin’s daughter Nicky and Danny’s son Jack, who made an appreciated comeback following a lengthy absence. Jennifer Esposito returned to her part as Jackie Curatola, Danny’s ex-partner, and took on an exciting copycat murder case to heighten the suspense.

The unfortunate incident of a writer’s protest has slowed down production on the new season of Blue Bloods, which has delayed the season’s release date. Updates on the release are therefore anticipated later this year, with the season possibly starting in 2024. Fans can rest easy knowing that the series will still air on Fridays according to the CBS schedule.

When will Blue Bloods Season 14 release?

Work on preparing for the upcoming season was not carried out because of the writer’s strike. This implies that the season may not air until 2024 and that there won’t be any updates regarding a Blue Bloods season 14 premiere until later in the year. In any case, the CBS schedule assures us that the series will continue to air on Fridays.

Who might be cast for Blue Bloods Season 14?

Due to the cast’s senior status on CBS, which often entails higher costs for the network due to the actors’ experience, there was fear before the program was renewed that there would be cast reductions. Thankfully, it seems that everyone who now appears as a series main character is scheduled to return. Nothing concerning potential exits has been mentioned to us. This was probably brought on by the agreed-upon pay cuts.

  • Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan
  • Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
  • Will Estes as Jamie Reagan
  • Len Cariou as Henry Reagan
  • Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan
  • Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko

These are the anticipated cast for Blue Bloods Season 14.

What is the plot of Blue Bloods Season 14?

The upcoming season’s official summary is not yet available. Furthermore, Erin’s storyline recently came to a conclusion, so we don’t anticipate hearing about her bid for district attorney until much later. It’ll probably follow the same pattern as past seasons because the show normally emphasizes the cases each week. We’ll update you as more information becomes available.

How many episodes will Blue Bloods Season 14 have?

No official number of episodes has been revealed. A season of the show, however, usually comprises between 20 and 22 episodes. Due to the writers’ strike, there might be fewer episodes in season 14 in order to maintain the fall-to-spring timetable. The pandemic season of the show has 16 episodes, making it the series’ smallest season to date (season 11).

Blue Bloods Season 14 trailer

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official notice about a trailer, either. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding the same.

Where to watch Blue Bloods Season 14?

The entire 13-season run of the show is accessible on Paramount+. Blue Bloods is available on Pluto TV for free streaming if you don’t have a membership to the service. When Blue Bloods Season 14 airs, it will be available on the same platform.


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