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Blue Bloods Wastes Its Best Character In Vain, Fans Claim

If some character is not related to the Reagans, they don’t get regular storylines — and in some cases, it’s a huge mistake, many fans claim.

While it’s understandable why such an approach is in place — after all, the show is about the Reagan family, first and foremost — it leaves many amazing characters out.

Fans would’ve loved to see more of them, but unfortunately, the rule is as follows: if your character’s not a Reagan, you’re just a supporting cast member.

Most of the fans are especially upset that Abigail Baker gets so little screen time. Sure enough, she’s a secondary character; but she’s amazing and deserves way more attention — and a decent real storyline, finally, after all these years!

When it comes to Baker, Blue Bloods fans say one thing over and over again: she is severely under-utilized by the writers.

“Abigail is under-utilized. Sid and Garrett get so much more than her, and I genuinely think Abigail is the embodiment of the best of the two. She has the cop’s mind, but after her time working at 1PP, she’s also quite capable of seeing the same side as Garrett,” claims Reddit user SkyeQuake2020.


To be honest, Abigail got a couple of tiny storylines after quite a few seasons in the show… But those were not enough, and fans demand more, calling those few times borderline insulting for the character.

“Baker gets a scant few storylines. She’s really a great part of the series. She and Anthony are bright spots. But bear in mind that the series is about the family. [If you’re not a Reagan, in terms of storylines you get] just enough to build a back story,” laments Draano.

After all the Abigail-enamored comments we’ve read, we’re thinking: maybe, it’s time for the writers to reconsider their strategy a bit and allow secondary characters to have a bit more time in the spotlight?

Fans would’ve loved to see more Baker action in Blue Bloods, and let’s be real — she definitely deserved it, and she’s not the only one.


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