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Blue Bloods Writing Already Too Bad To Cut Its Budgets, Fans Claim

With all the talk about budget cuts for Blue Bloods, everybody’s wondering if the show can afford it — and what aspects will be affected.

We already covered this issue and discussed what can be done to keep the show running after the budget cuts and make it even better. So it seems like Blue Bloods are going to be okay, but…

Now we also hear some fans’ voices claiming what the cuts definitely must not affect: the writing.

Part of the community states that the writing in the show is already so bad this last season that if it were to lose even a penny of budget, it would render non-existent.

What exactly made people hate the season 12 writing?

Reddit user Lucyb95691 explains it with three examples using episode 20 as an example.

Erin’s attitude

When Erin goes to visit Frank, her dad, her attitude toward him is terrible. She treats him with zero respect whatsoever, yelling and shooting furious glances at him.

Even as she comes back to his house later in the episode, she offers no apologies and instead continues to push more blame on Frank. In what universe is that OK?

Family priorities

Even at the family dinner, no one ever speaks about what’s really important: no mentions of the 3 Raegans or especially the bomb explosion.


Danny, Joe, and Jamie were literally almost blown up, and not even Pop talks about it; instead, the family discusses Erin’s run for DA. Seriously? Is this the attention span we have now?

Baez and Danny

Baez’s attitude toward Danny is weird, to say the least.

Apart from the fact that she questions his every move while also constantly demanding his comfort and support, there’s the bomb defuse scene.

Is it really necessary to say “It’s not a good idea” in front of a young girl with a bomb on her while her partner is trying to defuse it?..

Luckily, not everyone shares this point of view: many fans are quite content with this season.

But the fact that others are totally hating on the writing can still only mean one thing: no budget cuts for the writers! Instead, Blue Bloods can save some money on other aspects of the show, as we described here.


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