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Blue Kim Reacts To Jag’s Big Brother Betrayal

Blue Kim should have been feeling… well, blue after being lied to and blindsided by Jag Bains this week on Big Brother, leading to her eviction from the house even though she was repeatedly assured she was just a pawn. But the 25-year-old brand strategist from New York City didn’t seem all that upset when she was shown the door on Thursday’s double live eviction episode.

How does Blue feel the morning after her exit with a night to sleep on things? We caught up with the third member of the jury to ask that and more. Will she say the words “kitty kitty purr purr” at any point during the interview? Watch it above or read it below to find out!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jag told you that you were the pawn this week, so what do you think happened and when did it happen?

BLUE KIM: I think I initially started as the pawn, and once I lost Veto, that’s when the script flipped and I became the target. I think Jag and Matt saw this as an opportunity to take me out as the strongest competitor and as the one person that really had a shot at taking them down. I think that’s when everything flipped.

Had you stayed, whom did you want to go to the end with?

Oh my God, if I stayed, I would’ve taken my girl Cirie all the way to the final two. She has been my rock. After Jared left, I knew that I could trust her. Whatever I said to her, it didn’t go anywhere. And I think ultimately, too, I had the best chance of winning the $750K if I was sitting next to her.


If you could go back and change one thing about your game that might have led to a different result, what would it be?

I think one thing that I would change would be just letting Jared know that he was the target a little bit sooner, even if it didn’t change much, even if it didn’t change the nature of the game, or even if it didn’t change his eviction outcome. I personally just wish I [had] told him.

You know it was a double eviction episode, so who are you hoping was voted out right after you?

I’m really hoping Jag follows me in there — Mr. Cock-a-Doodle Zoom. But I would love [it[ if Miss America personally came and we [could] take that shot together.

What kind of future are you hoping for with Jared outside of the house?

I’m not sure. I haven’t seen Jared for a long time now, so I don’t really even know where he’s at, how he’s doing — what a do, baby? But I can’t wait to see him and, hopefully, we’ll see after that.


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