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Brenchel Interviews Americory In A Fun Big Brother Couple Sesh

Two Big Brother showmances got together for a fun new interview.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from BB11 and BB13 sat down with Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez from Big Brother 25.

The interview was steered by Rachel, who won BB13 in a season that featured Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Daniele Donato, and Porsche Briggs.

Big Brother fans recently saw Cory and America on the BB25 cast. Their Americory showmance has continued outside of the house.

Early in the interview, Cory noted that Rachel had warned him about everything being on the table for the upcoming questions.

The full interview is shared below, where Rachel and Brendon ask the BB25 showmance questions and relay fan questions sent in during the Live session.

Brenchel interviews Americory in a fun way

A fun topic discussed was the notable Brenchel and Americory moments in the Big Brother house. Each couple had to name a memorable moment from the other couple.

The clip below has the quartet joking about it all. Rachel named the first kiss from the BB25 couple as her favorite moment.

In this second clip, the two couples spoke about who first said “I love you” from each duo. Brendon also touched on when he asked Rachel to marry him.

Early in the chat, a fan asked about Cory and America appearing on The Challenge. Rachel answered honestly about how she felt Cory would do on that show.

They then shifted to chats about living situations, with Rachel revealing to anyone who didn’t know that she and Brendon were still together.

Below are a few more clips. In one clip they chat about BB26 and The Amazing Race comes up in the other one.

The Big Brother couples touch on many other topics in their extensive chat.

Enjoy the full interview below.


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