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Carly Spencer And Nina Team Up To Plan The Nurses Ball

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, the Nurses Ball seemed to be on everyone’s minds as Carly and Nina both joined the planning committee and Anna and Lucy got emotional about not being a part of the event. Drew was disappointed when Laura refused to sell him Charlotte’s ELQ shares while Dante was disappointed in Cody’s lies. Finally, Victor learned just what is going on with his performance problems and suspected the wrong person was drugging him. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Carly Spencer Is Not Ready For Nina

The Nurses Ball is already in crisis because Maxie (Kirsten Storms) learned that Nina (Cynthia Watros) had to sign off on the event being held at the Metro Court, and for some reason, they all seemed to think Nina would say no. Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) said she refused to grovel to Nina to get what they want. That’s when Carly (Laura Wright) walked in to see what the problem was and told them she was sorry Nina had to be involved.

Just then, Nina walked in and wanted to know why Carly was talking about her. Maxie changed the subject and asked for use of the Metro Court. Nina said she’d make it work no matter what, even if they had to juggle already-booked events. Nina even volunteered to work on the committee and then asked to speak with Carly about Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). Nina couldn’t wait to tell Carly that Willow was actually willing to talk to her about her health, and Carly seemed dismayed. Nina soon warned Carly and Drew (Cameron Mathison) that she knows a lot more than they think she does.

Meanwhile, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) discussed planting false necklace codes on the fake report Eileen (Heather Mazur) would give Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) when Lucy (Lynn Herring) announced she would be leaving the safehouse because the Nurses Ball can’t happen without her. For example, she had to make sure they got the right llama and booked the right talent. A tearful Lucy made sure that Vanna knew she has been in charge of the Nurses Ball since the 1990s, and she couldn’t handle the idea of not being involved. However, Anna ordered her to stay put.

Anna had to admit to Valentin that Lucy had a point. The Nurses Ball was special and a key part of Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) AIDS research cause. Even Valentin had to see Anna’s point after she reminded him she had a personal stake in this ball and felt bad that his own father was keeping Anna from the event.

Drew was stunned when Laura (Genie Francis) absolutely refused to sell him Charlotte’s (Amelie MacLaine) ELQ shares, and Drew wondered if something else was going on that he was unaware of. Laura told him it was just too soon after Valentin’s ‘death’ to do anything with these shares, and Charlotte should get to decide what to do with her father’s alleged inheritance.

GH Recap: Big Mob Problems

Sonny (Maurice Benard) managed to wake the gunman who he and Dex (Evan Hofer) just took down so he could ask him who he is really working for, and was told it was just an anonymous contactor. The gunman then died before he could give Sonny any more info. When Brick (Stephen A. Smith) showed up, he wondered why Dex always seems to be in the line of fire, as this is his second gunshot wound in just a few short months. Sonny defended Dex and then ordered Brick to find out where the shooter came from.


Dex soon passed out despite supposedly having a gunshot wound that didn’t do any damage, and Sonny did his best to help him. Brick then returned to tell Sonny that the shooter’s gun was untraceable and they had a very powerful enemy to deal with.

General Hospital Recap: Cody Confesses, Victor Laments

Felicia (Kristina Wagner) was surprised that Cody (Josh Kelly) is the one who suggested to Mac (John J. York) that he have a talk with Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and clear the air over Mac killing Ryan in the line of duty. Mac also lamented that he seemed to be growing closer to Cody and then clammed up and wanted to get rid of him. Mac said he felt bad for Cody because he was hurting for money and wondered if he was working with Selina to make ends meet. In the end, Mac said Cody isn’t family, and none of it is his business, but Felicia said he felt like family.

Cody was forced to admit to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) that he lied about the DNA results and that Mac was definitely his father and explained it was the necklace that kept him from telling the truth. He said he felt gypped because Serena got all of his mother’s money and gave it all away to environmental causes. Dante was disappointed in his friend and tried to get him to tell Mac. It turned out Cody even got a second test, so he could tell Mac the first test was a mistake.

Dante did his best to convince Cody to come clean, not just for Mac but for himself, because he finally had the chance to have the family he always wanted. He also pointed out that Mac deserved the truth.

Finally, Finn (Michael Easton) regrettably told Victor that the pathogen causing his performance methods won’t be easy to treat due to the specific problem this pathogen has caused. Victor was alarmed to learn this pathogen was not found in North America, and Finn warned him he might have contracted it from an enemy feeding it to him, as we all know Selina (Lydia Look) did at Holly’s (Emma Samms) behest. Finn then had to break the news that Victor’s issues might not be able to be fixed.

When Victor showed up at the Metro Court, he was hesitant to drink anything but then had to deal with Mac asking questions about Nikolas’s disappearance. Victor blew him off, but when he spotted Laura, he was sure she was the one who had drugged him. Laura had no idea what he was talking about yet was alarmed when he threatened her, telling Laura she dealt the first blow.


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