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Clash Of The General Hospital Titans: Should Selina Wu Fear Victor?

How will Victor Cassadine get his revenge?

Victor isn’t afraid of anyone on General Hospital. Maybe he should be? Selina has drugged the Cassadine kingpin as far back as when Holly got Selina to slip him that first dose of a substance we can only assume is a sort of anti-Viagra. Recently, Victor couldn’t perform when about to hit the sheets with Eileen, the Deputy Mayor of Port Charles.

General Hospital Polling

Though we’re not sure why Selina (Lydia Look) is willing to do this for Holly (Emma Samms)…except for giving her an evil chuckle, we have to assume there’s more to the drug than merely frustrating Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). But we do have to wonder: Should Selina fear Victor’s revenge once he finds out it’s her? We heard from over 2,000 viewers on that score!

Victor Cassadine: Hell Hath No Fury

Victor can forgive someone going after his empire. He can even forgive his son for being out to get him. But will Victor be able to forgive being taken out of commission in the bedroom? Over 20% of you believe that’s one bridge too far. It doesn’t matter if Selina gets the best of Victor on every professional front. He will still come after her over this!


General Hospital: Barely an Inconvenience

Oh, please, 39% dismiss, Victor is much more sophisticated than this. He will keep his eyes on the prize and not give Selina’s obstacle a moment’s extra thought. Sure, he’ll seek his revenge. But it will be in the boardroom, where she can be humiliated in public. And Victor won’t be.

Selina Wu: Better Than That

But, in the end, 41% are convinced Selina couldn’t care less. She isn’t afraid of a chump like Victor, who lets other people get their hands dirty for him. Selina commits her own crimes, thank you very much. She also has an entire mafia family who can pitch in. Which is why she’ll be able to head Victor off at the pass, no matter what he’s grumpy with her about this week. He doesn’t scare her. Which should really scare him.


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