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Cory Wurtenberger Finally Reveals Why He Voted For Jag Bains To Win Big Brother 25

Big Brother 25 recently ended its run, so Cory Wurtenberger and Jag Bains took to Instagram Live to discuss the game & why Cory voted for Jag to win.

Big Brother 25 has come to an end, but houseguests like Cory Wurtenberger are finally learning about key aspects of the game they weren’t aware of in sequester and sharing why they made the decisions they did, like voting for Jag Bains to win the $750,000 prize. While Cory and Jag were working together, they were both in separate BB duos. Cory was paired with his girlfriend America Lopez throughout the game, while Jag was paired with Deaflympic gold medalist Matt Klotz, who saved Jag during week 4 of the game from a unanimous eviction. The quad worked together for a time, but split after Jag blindsided Cory and America.

During a recent Instagram Live, Cory explained the reasoning behind his vote for Jag to win the game when he initially had shared his vote would go to Matt, who he felt was a better player. In a clip of the Live posted by Monica on Twitter, Cory shared that he “voted for Jag, jokes aside, because Matt left really bad goodbye messages that you guys didn’t see for Blue and America where he basically said, ‘yo, it wasn’t me, I didn’t do any of the strategy. I wanted to keep both of you. I’m only one vote, it’s not my fault.”

He continued on that “at that point I thought Matt was the better player, and I’m like, dude, I can’t, that’s so annoying. And then the [final 2 jury] questioning didn’t really matter – he literally said it was a partnership while Jag said it was all him.” Cory explained that though Matt had moved in a more socially strategic way throughout Big Brother 25, Jag ultimately taking ownership for tough game moves made him the better player overall.

What Are Big Brother Goodbye Messages So Important?


While Big Brother has always had the jury evaluate the final 2 on their overall performance, there are many factors that go into deciding who will win the game outside social strategy and competitive performance. Though the BB goodbye messages can be sentimental, they should also be used as a jury management tool. Goodbye messages can be important for owning up to big moves in the game without having to share that information with the rest of the house. As Cory explained, “when I walked into the jury, I thought Matt was the best player in the game, until Matt basically told me he wasn’t [in his goodbye messages].”


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Matt’s complete fumble of his goodbye messages likely cost him the game. While Jag was sharing information in his own messages about why he needed to take out his competition and how it benefited his game while wishing the new jury members well, Matt chose to put all the blame on other people. Rather than explaining that he was strategically masterminding any of the moves in the Big Brother game, Matt was handing the credit over to Jag. It’s possible Matt didn’t realize that taking ownership of game moves is how people win, though some have wondered if Matt was simply continuing his strategy with houseguests in the game.

While Matt was still able to take second place and secure himself a $75,000 prize, Jag’s win should be attributed to the fact that he was able to own up to his moves, no matter how devious. In order to win the game, Jag stabbed many of his allies in the back, including Cory. In order for him to secure Cory’s vote, as well as America’s, Blue Kim’s, Cameron Hardin’s, and Bowie Jane’s, Jag had to be clear about the moves he made in the game. Winning competitions, playing socially, and bearing it all in his Big Brother goodbye messages led Jag to a first place finish.


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