Farmer Wants A Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Bert Is Looking For Three Things In A Partner

Revealing that life on the farm gets really “lonely” at times, the reality TV star is ready to find his missing half. Here’s everything we know about Farmer Bert.

Scroll on for everything we know about Farmer Bert.

How old is Farmer Bert?

Farmer Bert is 30 years old.

Where is Farmer Bert from?

Farmer Bert is from Wamuran in Queensland, where he grows pineapples and dragon fruit.

What does Farmer Bert look for in a partner?

“Three things I look for in a relationship are loyalty, adventure and fun.”

What are Farmer Bert’s relationship dealbreakers?

“My relationship dealbreaker is if they’re not going to get along with my family, and a bit like Dustin, I’m not a big fan of horse girls.”

Who is Farmer Bert’s celebrity crush?


“Margot Robbie.”

What is Farmer Bert’s ideal date?

“My ideal date is just probably shooting down to Bribie Island or out on the boat or something like that. Have a couple of beers on the beach, something pretty relaxed and chill.”

How did Farmer Bert’s family and friends react?

“I got my sister to watch Farmer Wants A Wife for me before signing up. My family and friends were all pretty supportive. Most of them probably thought it was a joke to start with, but everyone was very supportive.”

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