Farmer Wants A Wife

Fans Have A Massive Problem With The Farmer Wants A Wife 2025 Line-Up

“These boys are ridiculous. A tiny change would attract some beautiful, genuine ladies,” one person wrote.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 just ended, but Seven has already announced next year’s line-up, and fans of the show are already criticising the next generation of farmers.

At first glance, Farmer Chooka, Jarrad, Tom and Jack look like regular blokes.

They’re from country Victoria or NSW, or Queensland, their farms are normal operations working with sheep or avocados or dairy cattle.

But if you take a closer look at the farmers’ bio cards on Instagram, you’ll notice they’re all very young.

Six of the eight are under 30; and Farmers Tom and Thomas aren’t exactly old themselves at 31 and 35 respectively.

The youngest farmer in the group is just 21 years old.

Fans had a serious problem with the age profile of the 2025 line-up of farmers, with some calling them “babies” and “immature”.

“All too young. Minus the two Toms,” said one person. “Find some older single men and you’ll get some beautiful, genuine ladies. #ridiculous.”

I said it last season and fans are saying it this season, Farmer should have a 30-plus age limit.

Fans slam FWAW 2025 line-up for being too young

The post calling for applicants on the show was full of comments about the farmers’ ages.


“They’re too young to find a wife. LOL they need to get real and find ones that are older,” one person said.

“Young bucks again, no doubt decent people,” said another. “But where are the mature men in their 40s and above.”

“Where are the mature farmers?” a third person complained. “Plus 40 to 55 would suit more of the single market.”

One woman’s response to the age comments was spot on funny.

“Where are the older farmers in their 40s, 50s, 60s?” one person asked.

“Out to pasture,” someone replied, classic dad-joke style.

One fan didn’t think the young age of most of the farmers was an issue, but she had something to say about how the women were portrayed on the show, accusing producers of manufacturing drama that made the potential wives look bad or shallow.

“A mandatory part of the women’s applications should state, ‘Do you consent to having the producers make you look either non-existent, mute or psycho?’” she asked. “Or, ‘Do you agree to say the word ‘connection’ at least more than twice an hour?”


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