Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Recap: Farmer Dean Shocks As He Kicks Out Other Women And Declares He’s In Love With ‘Soulmate’ Teegan

On Tuesday’s episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Dean declared his love for Teegan after calling her his soulmate.

He shocked the remaining women by sending them all home after admitting he found a strong connection with Teegan and didn’t need to move further in the experiment.

Inviting Teegan to a private date, Farmer Dean declared his love for her and even admitted he was already thinking about babies and marriage.

As soon as we looked eyes I was like oh holy… you were a stunner. There was a massive connection between you and I between day dot really’ he told her.

‘You could see along the journey we seemed to grow and grow a connection, and obviously that’s what I’ve come here to do’ he continued.

Teegan was clearly delighted, quickly admitting that she felt the same.

‘I would be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt and thought about our future on the farm together and raising kids together’ she said.

‘From the moment I set foot on the farm felt like home.’

Dean replied: ‘I feel like it’s the right time. I’ve fallen in love with you, I want this journey between me and you to start.’

‘I’m definitely falling in love with you’ Teegan confessed in turn, and the pair shared a sweet kiss.

‘If you look on top of the moon. I’m on top of it right now. I don’t really know what’s to come. But hopefully someone moves to the farm and we get married and have kids and start the fourth generation on the farm’ Dean said.

‘The farmer has found a wife!’ he declared.

On Monday’s episode, things came to a head when Farmer Dean walked out.

Having tackled a ‘secret boyfriend’ scandal with his main love interest Teegan, it was the bond between the pair that set off a new round of drama.

Dean was confronted by his two remaining love interests, Bella and Tiffany, who over dinner questioned why they were even staying at the farm when Dean only has eyes for Teegan.

After they aired their grievances, Dean went outside to think before leaving the farm for the night to be alone.

Seeing them all upset and stuff is not what I’m here for,’ he said, adding that he was ‘torn up’ by the experience.

‘I don’t want to break anyone’s heart. That is the last thing I want in this experience,’ he added.


Dean then left, leaving the women stunned and Teegan sobbing at the table.

The budding couple had earlier reconciled after a scandal erupted when Teegan was accused of having a secret boyfriend via an anonymous text.

‘That obviously wouldn’t have been very nice to read and I just worry that you’ll doubt me now and not have trust,’ Teegan said over their date.

‘I just wanted to reassure you that there’s no truth behind it. I want to make sure that we are on the same page.’

‘I knew that it wouldn’t have been true. You wouldn’t be here if it was true. I just want to forget about it and move forward,’ Dean assured her.

Later, Dean confessed: ‘I’m feeling very relieved after that. I never questioned that she was lying to me at all, I spent a bit of time with taking and she seems very genuine, someone could see myself with.’

Farmer Dean was forced to confront Teegan after he received a bombshell anonymous text on Sunday.

It read: ‘I hope you see this in time. But Teegan, who you are currently filming Farmer Wants A Wife with, has a boyfriend. She might be leading you on.’

The drama unfolded at a local country fair, with word spreading among the contestants of the shocking text.

Dean quickly confronted Teegan, who sobbed and insisted that it was not true, before she ran away crying.

The lovesick farmer went after her, the pair embracing and the unfortunate incident only bringing them closer together.

‘It made me pretty upset seeing her crying,’ Dean admitted.

Seeing the pair so smitten, Hayley, who is also keen on Dean, realised that she had no chance and that Dean and Teegan had a strong bond.

The 25-year-old cattle and watermelon farmer from Kandanga, Queensland, and the 23-year-old childcare educator from NSW, have had a connection from the start.

Hayley gave up trying to get a date with Dean and instead opted to leave the dating show.


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