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Farmer Wants A Wife Brandon Breaks Silence On Grace Split

As much as Farmer Wants A Wife fans hoped that all the farmers would find love in Season 2, that wasn’t the case. Recently, farmer Brandon Rogers opened up about his split from Grace Girard. So, what did he have to say about why things didn’t work out?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers Chose Between Two Women In The End

As Farmer Wants A Wife fans saw, Brandon Rogers chose between Grace Girard and Emerson Sears in the end. Emerson was a late arrival, joining the show at about the halfway point. She may not have had as long of a time on the farm as the other women, however, the physical chemistry between her and Brandon Rogers was undeniable.

As for Grace Girard, in some aspects, she was the safer choice for Brandon Rogers. She certainly made enough of an impression for him to choose her over Emerson in the end. Unfortunately, the pair were not able to keep their spark alive once Season 2 ended and the camera crew left the farm.

Brandon Breaks Silence On Grace Girard Split

With it being confirmed that Brandon Rogers and Grace Girard are no longer together, many Farmer Wants A Wife fans are curious about what went wrong in their relationship. Recently, Brandon Rogers opened up about everything that went down.

According to Brandon Rogers, he said: “There is nothing wrong with Grace, but I do feel like she has a phenomenal job that she really loves and prides herself in. So, I just feel like that connection wasn’t strong enough that I would invite her to leave that job possibly to try it out.”


Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers Not Feeling It As Much As Grace Girard?

The way Brandon Rogers tells it, he didn’t seem to be feeling the connection with Grace when it came right down to it. Of course, there’s no telling if he would still be with Emerson if he had chosen her instead. However, if he went with Grace because she seemed like the safer option, it seems the chemistry was lacking for him in the end.

Speaking of his connection with Grace, Brandon Rogers said: “I think she was more invested than I was, but knowing how invested I felt, there was a little conflict of interest in who we are as a person.”

Brandon Rogers went on to add: “They say when you know you know. I didn’t feel like I knew that was my person. Maybe it wasn’t even the job and that’s just my sweet scapegoat.”


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