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Farmer Wants A Wife Insider Reveals Scrapped 2025 Plans For Same-Sex Pairing

“Plans for a gay or lesbian farmer have been scrapped due to a lack of interest from the queer community,” a Farmer Wants A Wife insider reveals.

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been calling for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ farmers for years, but it seems as though there’s a reason it hasn’t happened yet. And it’s not for a lack of trying by the network.

A production insider has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that Seven has been open to a more inclusive season of the fan-favourite show; however, after announcing eight straight white men for the 2025 season, it would seem the LGBTQ+ community has been snubbed again.

“Are any farmers looking for a husband maybe 🤔,” one user wrote on Facebook. Another agreed on X, writing, “Surely it’s time for gay farmer wants a husband.”

‘Lack of interest’

“Plans for a gay or lesbian farmer have been scrapped due to a lack of interest from the queer community during the application process,” a source close to the reality show tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

They add that the 2025 cast being made up of straight, white men “was not an intentional move from the producers or the casting team currently working on the next series”.


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“There were some pretty strong discussions that Farmer Wants a Wife was going to have a diversity angle for the next season of the popular dating show but those plans have been dropped due to a lack of suitable applicants from both same-sex attracted farmers and potential love interests,” the insider says.

“We know that there are strong communities in regional areas, and we would love to have them take part in the long-running show. It is not for lack of trying. The audition process is quite extensive, and while there were a handful of options, in the end, the farmers picked were more suitable based on their personalities this time around.


“We wouldn’t want it to feel like stunt casting. That is also not going to work just for the sake of making it work.”

‘Not because networks are not open to the idea’

A current reality TV producer also shared, “The reason why you don’t see as many same-sex attracted participants on Australian dating shows is not because the networks are not open to the idea. It is because queer people don’t see these shows as a space they feel comfortable applying to take part.”

“There is an unusual imbalance of queer people applying for dating shows and while there is a high number of LGBTQ+ people applying for shows like Big Brother, The Voice and Masterchef Australia – producers are yet to bridge the gap when it comes to the idea of queer people wanting to be in romantic situations on television.”

Fans of Big Brother Australia were hoping to see Farmer Dave in the upcoming season. However, there are many moving parts, and his availability and interest were likely the reason this idea was canned.

The list of suitable farmers up for consideration was announced last week, with Australian ladies encouraged to apply for Farmer Corey, 24, Biloela, Queensland; Farmer Jack L, 26, Railton, Tasmania; Farmer Chooka, 25, Goornong, Victoria; Farmer Jack, 26, Oberon, New South Wales; Farmer Jarrad, 21, Stanthorpe, Queensland; Farmer Thomas, 35, Kimba, South Australia; Farmer Tom, 31, Borambola, New South Wales.


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