Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife Slammed After Viewers Point Out ‘Blatantly Obvious’ Detail In First Episode Of The 2024 Season – Did You Notice It?

Social media ignited after the premiere of the Channel Seven hit on Sunday when a fan observed the type of women Farmer Bert seemingly prioritised interacting with.

Posting on a fan page dedicated to the show, they wrote, ‘So [the] first farmer left all the “overweight” prospects behind no matter how well he got on with one of them. Did anyone else notice?’

The post attracted hundreds of replies, with several viewers agreeing with the observation.

‘Blatantly obvious,’ one wrote, while another remarked, ‘First thing I noticed.’

‘EXACTLY my thoughts!’ a third agreed, while another said they ‘notice this every year’.

‘I said exactly the same thing to my husband. My nine-year-old daughter actually noticed this and pointed it out,’ wrote someone else.

However, not all fans were on the same page when it came to condemning the farmer and the show.

‘If there’s no connection then no point picking them,’ one fan protested.

‘Wouldn’t it be worse if the producers forced the farmers and lead other people on?’ wrote another.

One user made the keen observation that the farmers themselves weren’t exactly ‘plus-sized.’

‘Same thing could be said of the farmers chosen to do the show… They are all skinny as well!’

It comes as two contestants on the reality dating show clashed over their man during Monday night’s episode.

Karli and Caity, who are both matched with Farmer Bert, have been locked in a war over his affections.

And Caity came up trumps during a romantic date with Bert, as the duo cuddled up under a blanket on a dock alongside a waterway.

As the pair bonded, they shared a kiss with Caity declaring, ‘Well, that was nice.’

The following day, the other women quizzed Caity over whether she and Bert had kissed the night before.

Caity left it to Bert to answer, but the modest farmer would not kiss and tell.

Jealous, Karli said that she was certain the pair had locked lips, but it had not cooled her affection for the pineapple farmer.

‘I think they would have kissed, yes. I try not to think about it to much’ she said in a piece to camera.

‘Because the end of the day, he will be all mine and I won’t be worrying about it’ she added.


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