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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Todd Reveals Truth Behind Shock Moment: ‘Hard To Watch’

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Todd Melbourne has revealed what really happened when his friends confronted him about Daisy on Tuesday night’s episode.

Fans were shocked when they saw Todd’s friends tell him that Daisy had an “overpowering presence,” “masculine vibes,” and was “full on.” They added that they didn’t think she was the right person for him—especially because she had previously gotten engaged and married within a very short time and then divorced her husband one year later.

Daisy joked to the camera that she hoped whatever they said about her was “always good”.

The group then took Todd aside, saying that they thought Daisy was too similar to the women he’d previously been in a relationship with and that it “wouldn’t be right” if they didn’t let him know what they thought.

They added that they thought Daisy’s big personality would make it harder for the other girls to “stand out”, with one friend asking, “And, is it overpowering you?”

Todd said that he “couldn’t take my eyes off Daisy” from the beginning and that he already felt “smitten” with her.

“There’s obviously something there, because we’ve had so much time together,” Todd told the cameras of Daisy.

“I think she might be fun for right now, but not long term,” one of his friends said. “I don’t feel like she’s the right pick for you as a wife and as a mother to your children. I just find her very strong, feisty, clash heads with kind of girl. Not in a bad way, but has that masculine vibe.”

Todd was deflated by the talk, saying that they’re his friends because they’re not afraid to say things like that to him.

“My friends mean so much to me,” he told the cameras.

‘Hard to watch’

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the shock moment, Todd tells us, “It was a bit hard to hear, but I’d sort of made a bit of a connection between previous relationships and Daisy before and I’d thought about it and was like, well she’s a completely different person, you can’t let someone judge this part of your life, you’ve got to take Daisy on what she is and how she comes across.”

“It wasn’t the nicest thing to hear straight away, but I mean, they’re just looking out for me. They saw how much I’ve been hurt before… and they just don’t want to see me hurt again. It was coming from a good spot.”


When asked how important his friend’s and family’s input is in his relationships, Todd says, “You’ve always got to take other people’s advice on board; you’ve got to listen to them because they might see something that you don’t and that sort of thing. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to be happy with what you do and make your own decisions. People can always tell you how they’re feeling and what their opinion is, but you’ve got to follow your own heart.”

The farmer added, “My friends and family’s feedback is really important to me, like I do take what they say on board. And we’re so close.”

“A lot of them are in relationships and married with kids and that sort of thing, so they do I guess know a bit more about it than what I do.”

‘A hard day’
Fans were quick to slam Todd’s friends online, with many saying they were “rude” and “misogynistic” for saying that Daisy being a “strong” woman was a bad thing.

“Yeah, I read a bit of it,” Todd says of the comments. “I think it’s funny what some people can come up with.”

“It was still a pretty solid day, but it did come across a lot harsher than I thought it was watching it back,” he says, saying the editing definitely changed things. “Flashback to the day, and it was still a hard day, it was hard to watch [on Tuesday night] and that sort of thing.”

Speaking of the comments on social media, he says, “I don’t like the comments, like I can take the comments about me, I just don’t really care, but if other people make comments about my friends and family. That’s where I sort of get a bit defensive, and I want to sort of say something to someone, but I still don’t, there’s no point, they’re only people on the Internet – never going to see ’em, never going to know ’em.”


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