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General Hospital (August 28-September 1, 2023): Gladys Seeks Nina’s Help, Carly Gets Diane On Board

The next two weeks’ General Hospital spoilers (August 28–September 1, 2023) indicate that Carly will ask Diane to take up Drew’s cause and free him from prison. Later, Diane will learn something intriguing. She might therefore uncover a weakness that would benefit Drew. Later, when Gladys asks Nina for assistance, Sasha’s story undergoes a significant change. Will Gladys end up in serious trouble as a result of this, though? Speaking of difficulties, Curtis seems to be experiencing an endless stream of them. He will try to stop physical therapy out of frustration, but Stella Henry will stop him. Lucy will get ready to represent Deception in court somewhere else. Will she succeed, though? Find out by reading on!

Gladys Asks Nina For Help, Lucy Coe Faces Frustrations

On General Hospital the week of August 28, 2023, Gladys will unexpectedly show up at Nina’s home asking for assistance with Sasha’s story. She will inform Nina of Dr. Monatgue’s exploitation of Sasha at Ferncliff and his demand for a sizable payment to put an end to it. She will, however, primarily downplay her role in this whole ordeal. Nina consents to give Sasha the funds. Will she, however, truly let Gladys off the hook? Or is she going to become suspicious and look into it more to see if Gladys was involved in the mess?

Later in the week, Cody will fake a mental meltdown in order to get locked up at Ferncliff. Will he find any success in his plans to get close to Sasha at the facility to keep her protected? Stay tuned to find out! Meanwhile, Gregory Chase will struggle with opening up to Chase about his ALS condition. He will try to push off telling his son the truth as much as possible to delay Chase’s heartbreak.

Meanwhile, Lucy Coe will feel spent over the many secrets Martin is keeping from her on General Hospital. During the week of August 28- September 1, 2023, Lucy will splash some beverage on Martin in a fit of rage. She will later hire a new attorney to represent Deception in court. Actress Crarly Hughes will debut as the said attorney, Elise. But will she be able to stand her ground against the mighty Jack Montgomery in court? Interestingly, Tracy Quartermaine will be revealed to have some involvement in this whole legal saga. Could she be the one who is suing Deception?

Anna Apologizes To Valentin, Cyrus-Drew Drama Continues

Valentin has come under scrutiny in a persistent mystery because of the secrets he has been keeping from Anna on General Hospital. The tales he had been telling Dante also did not make sense. Thus, Anna will decide to spy on her lover in an effort to get the real story. She will follow Valentin from September 4 until September 8, 2023. This will cause her to learn something unexpectedly, though. Valentin’s motivations for harboring secrets will be made clear, proving that he has not turned nefarious. Anna will therefore apologize in some of the next episodes.


Over at Pentonville, Cyrus will keep pulling Drew into his orbit on General Hospital. Unfortunately, for Drew, t his might not be a good thing and will land him in some trouble later. But what is it that Cyrus actually wants from Drew. As of now, it seems that whatever it is could only mean danger for Carly’s lover. Thus, she better find a way soon to get Drew out of that hellhole if she wants to keep him safe.

Sonny Gets In Trouble, Nina Gets Some Guidance

Furthermore, according to General Hospital spoilers, Sonny will run into legal issues during the week of September 4–8, 2023. He might ask Diane Miller, his dependable assistant, to free him from the legal difficulties. When Carly learns of Sonny’s disaster, she will pressure Dex Heller to explain the situation to her. Do you believe Dex will be honest about the issues Sonny is now dealing with? Speaking of telling the truth, Sam will eventually tell Dante the whole truth about everything she had been doing with Cody. He will undoubtedly be incensed over it, but will he aid Sam and Cody in saving Sasha?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Nina will receive some unexpected advice from Alexis Davis on General Hospital. Alexis may remind Nina of the mistakes she has made in the past, and call her attention to not repeating them if she wants to heal her relationship with Willow. Ava, too, will have some advice for Nina, but there is a chance the latter will eventually end up making some mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, Ned/ Eddie and Olivia might try to undo their mistakes with each other. GH spoilers tease that Ned’s Eddie version will put a musical show for Olivia, and she will be impressed. Does that mean the two will start bonding? Stay tuned to TV Season & spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this new love story.


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