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General Hospital Best Friends Forever: Is Selina Wu Truly An Ally To Sonny?

Can this General Hospital friendship be trusted?

Now that Sonny is a kindler, gentler mobster on General Hospital, he has new mobster friends to hang out with. (Before, Sonny saw everyone as competition and just killed them. But in a loving and caring mobster way.) One of Sonny’s new pals is Selina Wu. But is she as loyal as she’d like Sonny to think she is?

General Hospital: BFF in PC

Who wouldn’t love Sonny (Maurice Benard), 6% of the audience can’t wrap their hands around the alternative. Of course, Selina (Lydia Look) is loyal to him. She knows he’s the best. And, if she were to betray him, he would be the worst. So she both respects and fears him. As all should.

GH: Two Way Street

Loyalty is a two-way street, 33% remind. Selina will be loyal to Sonny…as long as Sonny is loyal to Selina. Mobstering is a business. It’s not a community service project. Right now, Sonny and Selina need each other, so they’re chill. But if Selina ever suspects that the dimpled don has betrayed her, all bets are off. And Selina will be looking out for number one. Which, Sonny, of course, will take as a betrayal of him. And get cranky.


General Hospital: Selina Wu, Girl Power

However, a majority 61% of fans don’t trust Selina. She is only pretending to be pro-Sonny. But you can see behind her mask. Selina is all about her own power. She sees crime as a way to enrich herself, rather than others, the way that Sonny does.

She is selfish, and she is greedy. She is obviously plotting his downfall and a takeover of Sonny’s territory. Selina wants those coffee warehouses! She knows that stuff is more addictive than any drugs, and she wants in on that sweet, sweet caffeinated action! Silly Selina. Doesn’t she know that Sonny always wins?


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