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General Hospital Danger Zone: Who Is The Biggest Threat To Sonny Corinthos?

Does Sonny needs to take cover on GH?

Someone is always out to get Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. We don’t know why the poor man inspires such hatred. All he does is try to live his life, run his business, and take care of his flock of kids — and his exes.

General Hospital Polling

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is an upstanding member of the community. And yet, such ire. Who is the biggest threat to his dreams of a happily ever after?

Childhood’s End

What’s the deal with Carly’s (Laura Wright) brats, 8% of you wonder? Of the children they had together, Morgan is dead, and Donna is too young to understand what her parents are all about. Michael (Chad Duell) doesn’t seem to care that he’s Sonny’s favorite child despite not being blood-related to Sonny, and Joss (Eden McCoy) now claims she never trusted the man whose name she used to get out of tricky situations for years. They’re the ones most likely to bring Sonny down because they’re the ones most offended by him personally.

 And the Law Won

This time, the FBI is really going to get him, 11% predict. They have a case that proves Sonny is a criminal, and they are going to lock him up and throw away the key. And no crocodile tears about his fear of small spaces will get Sonny a pardon this time.


Dude Looks Like a Lady

It doesn’t matter if Mason’s (Nathanyael Grey) mystery boss is a woman like they said for months, or a man, like they’ve suddenly changed course on now. The person he met with while Austin (Roger Howarth) was reporting in to boss Cyrus (Jeff Kober), is who Sonny should be afraid of, 30% of the audience has decided.

Sonny Corinthos: Cell Block Tango

The only person who is even vaguely on Sonny’s level is Cyrus, 51% of voters focus on what really matters. And now that he’s dropped the holier-than-thou act and shown his true colors to Austin, it’s time for Sonny to understand what it means to be the underdog. And not just in his self-pitying mind.


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