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General Hospital: Maxie Hints A Nathan RETURN?

We haven’t seen Detective Nathan West wander the Port Charles General Hospital grounds in a while. He was shot to death by his own father, the supervillain Cesar Faison, before we last saw him. In the few short years that he was a member of the ABC soap opera, Nathan developed a sizable fan base and was an incredibly well-liked character. As a result, his death devastated not just the fanbase as a whole but also his lady love, Maxie Jones. However, it appears that Nathan has been mentioned a lot more frequently than usual lately.

The good detective passed away due to gunshot complications in January 2018 on General Hospital. While Maxie mourned him for a long time, there came a point where it seemed like there would be a new love interest for her. Dr. Austin Holt! But honestly, that didn’t fly at all. Maxie and Austin never could pass the chemistry test on-screen, and the story eventually fizzled out. Later, it felt like she and Damian Spinelli may have a shot, given how much he adores her. But zilch! The makers do not seem interested in shipping them together, again. So what gives? What exactly do the makers have in mind for Maxie’s love life?

General Hospital: Will Nathan Come Back From The Dead?

Going by all the Nathan-related name-dropping Maxie has been doing all of a sudden, we can’t help but wonder if General Hospital is planning to undo another death! By now, it has become well-established that soap operas do not function by the laws of nature. Thus, deaths are never set in stone. In fact, they can be even more temporary than the tattoos that come with Bubblegum wrappers! In the June 22, 2023, episode, Maxie spoke about how difficult it was for her in the beginning, but she eventually moved past Nathan. That’s exactly the kind of thing someone would say on soap right before getting hit by a blast from the past!

But if General Hospital could find a way to bring Nathan back from the dead, they would welcome it with open arms since Ryan Paevey was so adored as Nathan. Furthermore, there are other explanations why his demise might have been staged. They could always make up a storyline in which Nathan was taken hostage by a GH bad guy. Or perhaps he was dispatched on a covert mission! What say you? Do you support the idea of a Maxie-Nathan reunion?


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