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General Hospital Responsibility: Who Caused Ned Quartermaine To Fall?

Will Tracy find someone to make pay on GH?

Ned Quartermaine is in a General Hospital bed, in a coma after falling, hitting his head, and ending up face-down in the pool. As Olivia weeps and Tracy seethes and Nina deflects, fingers are being pointed.

General Hospital Polling

Sure, Ned (Wally Kurth) had an accident, but surely somebody is responsible for causing it (other than the Metro Court worker who didn’t pick up those towels laying around quickly enough). Who is to blame for the tragic turn of events?

Ned Quartermaine: Back To the General Hospital Beginning

A little more than 1% of the audience thinks the problems all began with Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison). If they hadn’t broken the law by engaging in insider trading, Nina (Cynthia Watros) wouldn’t have turned them in, Ned wouldn’t have been accused, and he wouldn’t have gone looking for Drew to tattle on Nina being the real culprit, which ended with his accidental splashdown.

GH: Trigger Warning

A more substantial number, 24%, pins the blame squarely on Nina. Ned was so excited to tattle on her that he took off a-running. It’s her fault he wasn’t looking where he was going or that he can’t control his feet. Ned wouldn’t have been at the pool or excitedly dashing off if it weren’t for Nina!


General Hospital: Personal Responsibility

Ned wasn’t looking where he was going, 36% of voters would like the record to show. Nobody pushed him. Nobody ran a trip wire across the premises. The accident was completely his fault. Blaming anyone else would be the same as saying the city of Brooklyn was to blame for his break-up with Lois (Rena Sofer) because that’s where she was born. It’s peripheral, not purposeful.

General Hospital: Accidents Happen, Ned Quartermaine

But, in the end, 39% are being extremely anti-soapy and not really blaming anyone. Things happen. These things happen. These things happen accidentally. Ned slipped and fell, and now he is fighting for his life. It’s sad, it’s dramatic, but nobody is culpable. Tracy (Jane Elliot) should focus on getting her son well, not looking for someone to hold responsible.


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