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General Hospital Spoilers: Can Brook Lynn Save Josslyn From Creepy Linc?

GH spoilers for April 6, 2023, have Brook Lynn rethinking her decisions.

General Hospital spoilers reveal heated confrontations, dangerous demands, and musical magic at the Nurses Ball. You won’t want to miss a moment of this exciting episode.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Linc (Dan Buran) definitely has a pattern with young pretty women with musical talent and immediately has his eyes on Josslyn (Eden McCoy) after her Nurses Ball performance. When he approaches her about making her a star, Josslyn is understandably nervous and tries to get a persistent Linc to leave her alone.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) witnesses it all and steps right in, making sure that Linc can’t hurt Josslyn the way he has hurt her, Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez), and so many other women. Linc is furious with her interference and demands to know what she is thinking. Is she ready to abandon that NDA, especially knowing she might not be as bound by it as she originally believed? It sure would help other women, as well as any hope for a relationship with Chase (Josh Swickard).

GH Spoilers: Victor Terrorizes Vanna

Now that Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) has Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) right where he wants them, it is time for him to reveal exactly what he wants from them. He insists that Valentin has to obey his orders and issues more threats.


As he tells Valentin that nobody will really be free of him until he gets what he came for, Valentin is defiant and won’t give in to Victor the way he did last year when his father used Charlotte (Amelie MacLaine) as leverage.

General Hospital Spoilers: Back At The Ball

As the Nurses Ball performances continue, a special musical guest is set to bring down the house amid much drama. After her encounter with Linc, Josslyn brushes things off and runs into Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and warns him not to interfere with her life or hurt Trina (Tabyana Ali). According to Josslyn’s world, he has caused Trina nothing but misery. As for Trina, she has her own problems when she tells someone she must have been wrong.

Finally, Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) spends her time worrying that Cody (Josh Kelly) will really tell Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) what she has been doing with Sasha’s money. That leads Gladys to make a sneaky move. Sasha tells Gladys that she never has to make an excuse to talk to her, but will her sneaky move prevent Gladys from coming clean?


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