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General Hospital Spoilers For May 25, 2023: Sonny And Carly Catch Up

According to General Hospital teasers for May 25, 2023, this week will see a reunion between Carly and Sonny as well as communication between the Davis sisters and resolution of their conflicts. More rumors predict that Curtis and Portia may opt to try again with their union. What else is going to occur there? Find out by reading on.

The Davis Sisters Have An Honest Discussion

Starting the episode, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sam and Kristina will have an honest discussion where Sam where they will talk about how Kristina is fed up with how Sam is always doubting her. Sam is also equally frustrated with Kristina because she is always chasing big ideas without really understanding how all of that will come through.

In the upcoming episode, Kristina will ask Sam to have faith in her and understand that she really believes that this new shelter is her chance to make a difference. She will insist that Sam should trust her and leave her alone. Later on, Sam will try to make Kristina understand that she cares about her too much, and if that means her giving her some tough love, she isn’t afraid to do so.

General Hospital: Curtis and Portia Think About Their Future

Next, General Hospital spoilers for May 25, 2023, Curtis and Portia will speak with each other and wonder where their relationship is going. Portia will be worried that this could mean that Curtis is ending their relationship officially. But that really doesn’t line up with what the other spoilers suggest.

General Hospital spoilers related to Curtis suggests that he will break Jordan Ashford’s heart. So, maybe, he would decide to give his and Portia’s relationship another chance after all. He may tell her that it will take some time to rebuild the trust, and we will have to wait to see what happens there.

Further spoilers say Curtis himself has a secret of his own. Curtis has kissed Jordan, and he is keeping it in. In the meantime, Jordan will confide in Anna about her closeness to Curtis and how they almost hooked up. While they did push the brakes, but she will still be wondering what that meant.


More General Hospital spoilers for May 25, 2023, say Stella will find out about the troubles in TJ and Molly’s paradise, and she will tell him that Molly needs him and TJ needs to come through. This is a crisis that Molly is facing, and TJ should Leo and trust her.

Nina and Ava Have A Tense Conversation

Next, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will speak with Ava and tell her that it is the time that the truth comes out. She will decide against confessing the SEC secret but decide that she can fight with everything and focus on her marriage with Sonny and the relationship with Willow Corinthos.
Nina will argue that these are the things she should focus on, and if she is just careful enough, she might be able to avoid the big consequences.

More related spoilers suggest Carly will speak to Sonny about his engagement when he tells her about it, but Carly will admit that she already heard about it at Metro Court. Sonny will want to know how Carly feels about it, and she will insist that it is his decision. Nevertheless, she will say that she doesn’t think that Nina and Sonny’s marriage will last. But, Sonny will feel that it is the that Carly accepts that Nina is a part of his life and move on.

More Carly spoilers indicate that Carly will have something else to talk about in addition to discussing Sonny’s engagement. Even if it means receiving a penalty, she will tell Sonny that she intends to come clean about the SEC case. Donna will want to talk to Sonny about this because it will have an impact on her. Sonny, would you assist Carly? How will their relationship develop? To find out, we must wait. Every weekday, General Hospital is broadcast on ABC. Keep an eye on the action. Your one-stop shop for all the latest soap opera news is TV Season & Spoilers. Remain tuned.


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