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General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Becomes Molly’s Surrogate, Gets Attached To The Baby?

‘General Hospital’s’ Molly received her endometriosis diagnosis right before she and her husband made the decision to raise a family.

Molly’s medical condition, sadly, limited their chances for having children. Her sister volunteered to carry her child as a surrogate. But what if Molly ends up paying for this in the long run?

Kristina Wants to Help Molly Become a Mother

Molly told her sister, Kristina about her medical condition, and the latter felt moved, then decided that she would help her sister achieve her dreams of being a mom.

Later on, she announced during a family dinner that she wanted to be Molly’s surrogate if Molly agrees. Kristina’s announcement shocked the entire family.

Even Molly was shocked. They all tried to discourage Kristina from helping her sister to carry her baby. They feared that she eventually would back-off after regretting her decision.

However, it seems her mind is already made up. It also appears that her sister is beginning to warm up to the idea. Right now, Molly cannot see a downside to her sister being her surrogate. Will something eventually go wrong?

Kristina Gets Attached to the Baby, and TJ?


Molly will likely end up accepting her sisters offer because she doesn’t have many options and she really wants to have a child of her own.

Since she just found out that she does not have viable eggs for having a baby, she cannot use her eggs and TJ’s sperm for the baby, so they would have to use Kristina’s eggs with TJ’s sperm for the surrogacy.

The first sign of problems appears at this point. The child will not belong to Kristina and TJ. This indicates that the child lacks Molly’s DNA. Is it feasible that Kristina would grow connected to the unborn child she is carrying and decide she wants to be the mother a few months from now?

There may be family conflict if she decides not to deliver the child to her sister. even a legal matter. In addition, Molly will become quite melancholy and reclusive as a result of this, which will have an impact on her marriage.


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