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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Finds A Surprise In Russia – Hayden!

General Hospital teasers hint that Laura Collins (Genie Francis), who is seeking to find her lost son Nikolas Cassadine (last portrayed by Marcus Coloma), is getting ready to travel to Russia.

Although Laura is unaware of all the details surrounding Nikolas’ disappearance, it happened weeks ago. Ave Jerome (Maura West), Nikolas’ wife, probably killed him by hitting him over the head. However, Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) kidnapped his body, and when he was last seen, he was in a mysterious place receiving life support.

Laura Collins Believes Nikolas Cassadine Was Taken By Victor Cassadine!

But Laura doesn’t know any of that. She thinks that Nikolas was possibly kidnapped by his uncle Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Victor was killed after his nefarious plot to kill of most of the world’s population was stopped by Laura and several others. When Victor’s will was read, he left Nikolas some property in Russia. Laura was suspicious and wondered if Nikolas might be there as Victor’s prisoner. It’s unlikely that’s where Nikolas is, but that doesn’t mean Laura will come up empty-handed.

Laura Collins May Find Someone Else In Russia!

Nikolas asked Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) to find a codicil to Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) will more than three years ago. The entire fortune was bequeathed to Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) in the will itself, but Nikolas thought the codicil gave the money back to him.


Valentin knew Hayden was up to something, so Nikolas convinced her to leave town suddenly. Hayden was worried she was in danger, so she left her young daughter behind and hasn’t been seen since.

Whatever Mappened To Hayden Barnes?

Nikolas and Victor had several conversations that implied Victor “took care” of Hayden for Nikolas. It was unclear exactly what that meant. It seemed as though Hayden may have been killed but Victor has also been known to keep people prisoner for years at a time.

There is every chance that Hayden is alive but Victor’s captive somewhere and that Nikolas had no idea. Since Victor left Nikolas the property in Russia, perhaps that is where he stashed Hayden all this time. Perhaps Laura won’t find her son, but will finally bring Hayden back home to Port Charles!

What Do You Think?

How did Hayden fare? Does she even exist anymore? In place of her son, may Laura rediscover Hayden in Russia? Keep an eye on General Hospital, which airs on ABC during the week since anything can happen in Port Charles. Remember to return here frequently for all the latest General Hospital news, details, and spoilers!


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