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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Charlotte Tears Anna And Valentin Apart

We think Charlotte will be the death of this GH couple.

GH spoilers make it clear that Anna will have to decide how she still feels about Valentin once she learns he’s been keeping secrets from her about Charlotte’s after-school activities. Which, at the moment, at least includes trashing Anna’s hotel room, if not burning down her house and hiring a hitman to kill her.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Whether Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) comes clean or Anna (Finola Hughes) finds out in some other way, she will end up having a big choice to make. We think we know where this will go, and what Anna will do when she learns the dirty details of Charlotte’s misbehavior.

Beyond the Pale

This isn’t just a lie about Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) being a bully — ex-stepmama Nina (Cynthia Watros) is in charge of those tiny misbehaviors. This is about something that could have gotten Anna killed. Valentin put her life in danger by not telling her about Charlotte. How is Anna ever supposed to trust him again?

Second Place

On the other hand, Anna and Valentin have already agreed that they will put each other…second. After their respective daughters. Anna couldn’t have forgiven Valentin anything — but that. She knows what it means to protect your child at all costs. Think of all the lies she’s told for Robin (Kimberly McCullough)!


The Middle

Since this is about Charlotte, Anna should be able to forgive Valentin. But that doesn’t mean they can stay together. Anna won’t press charges against Charlotte. She might even keep her misdeeds a secret. But she won’t be able to stay with Valentin afterward.

They’ll have to go back to being friends. But even friends need a certain level of trust. Valentin has made the one mistake Anna won’t be able to get over. Unlike all the other ones, which she was able to overlook. Valentin can try to win her back, but this is the final straw. Are you happy now, Charlotte?


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