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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Here’s What Nikolas Will Do When He Returns

Do Spencer, Ava or Esme have the most to fear on GH?

Now that GH spoilers revealed that Nikolas Cassadine is not only still alive, but also up and about, the question becomes: When will he return to Port Charles?

GH Spoilers Speculation

More importantly, what will he do once he arrives back home? Nik (Adam Huss) will have quite a list when he makes his triumphant return.

Nikolas Cassadine: Daddy’s Home

Nikolas’s first priority could be Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). His son has become even more obnoxious and entitled as an adult than he was as a child — if such a thing were possible. Sure, Nikolas is no better. But maybe he can be an example for Spencer about how not to behave and what could happen if Spencer chooses to misbehave.

Start All Over Again

Of course, Nik might choose to focus on adorable baby Ace instead. He hasn’t been ruined yet by your parenting. Though considering that Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) is his mom, there is someone already in place to do it. But why not have both parents ruin his life?


After all, poor Spencer grew up motherless. And look what happened? Then again, Nikolas thinks he did a great job with young Spencer. So he might think he could do an equally stellar job with Ace — without Esme. But will Spencer give up his little brother?

Suffering Spouse

Ultimately, though, the safe bet is that Nik’s focus will be on Ava (Maura West). After all, she’s the one who “killed” him. And she’s the one he had to hide a pregnant Esme from, which is why poor Nik was forced to keep a teenage girl prisoner for months.

Also, Ava said mean things to him when she found out. His delicate, princely feelings were ruffled. And no one should be allowed to do that. Nikolas can baby talk with Ace, and he can wag a stern finger Spencer’s way. But, in the end, his priority must be on Ava and making her pay.


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