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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Who Will Feel Ava’s Wrath First

So many GH citizens should be very afraid right about now.

GH spoilers speculations suggest Ava is about to go all Glenn Close on Port Charles. Not in the sense that she won’t be ignored (well, that, too), but in the sense that she won’t be played. Lots of people have screwed Ava over in the past year, and now that she’s more aware of what’s going on, it’s time for some payback — Jerome-style. Who should duck, cover…and maybe even slink out of town, for good measure?

Straight to the Top

Logic says that Ava (Maura West) should go straight to the top. Cyrus (Jeff Kober) is the one who ordered her kidnapping, so Cyrus is the one she should make pay. Except that, Ava hasn’t had all that much contact with Cyrus. He’s not in her immediate sights, whether or not he should be. She’ll get to him. Just not right away.

Mason (Nathanyael Grey) is the one who did the actual kidnapping, so it would make the most sense for Ava to target him first, even though he’s recovering in the hospital. It wouldn’t be as satisfying. Revenge is best when it’s personal. And, Ava doesn’t have anything personal against Mason, just professional.


General Hospital: Fun With Flunkies

We know that Ava is excellent at multitasking, and getting revenge is important, no doubt about that. The person who hurt her most is also the person she cared about the most: That would be Nikolas (Adam Huss)!

He’s still alive, lying low, letting Ava think that she either killed him or that she wounded him just enough to then drag himself off and sit around plotting his own revenge. The truth is somewhere in between. Once he returns, Ava will be too busy dealing with her ex-husband to worry about the minor thugs in her life.

General Hospital: You, Again

But, until she and Nik are face to face again, Ava will be focusing her ire on Austin (Roger Howarth). Why? Because, unlike Cyrus and Mason, she thought they did have a connection. He betrayed her. That’s the worst crime of all.


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