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General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Robinson’s Relationship With Spencer Cassadine In Danger Or Stronger Than Ever?

According to General Hospital teasers, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is committing to Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). She has made the decision to stick with him despite pressure from many people to ditch him in favor of Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

Lots of Opposition

Trina frequently hears criticism about her relationship with Spencer. Her own mother, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), is one of the most outspoken individuals in her life. Portia recognizes Spencer’s willingness to take on the responsibility of caring for his brother Ace Prince-Cassadine (Jay & Joey Clay), but she disapproves of the way things are developing.

Spencer and Esme have moved in together to aid with Ace’s care. Esme depends heavily on Spencer. He doesn’t appear to mind because he wants to provide for his brother in every way. Spencer believes his father abandoned him as a child, and he doesn’t want his brother to experience the same.

Spencer’s focus is on Ace and not on Esme, but that can be difficult for outsides to perceive. Caring for his brother at the drop of a hat does result in a lack of time for his relationship with Trina.

Trina’s best friend, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), also believes that Trina deserves better. Trina apologizes for Spencer’s snarkiness and says that while Spencer may be a jerk, he is her jerk. While her relationship may not be able to be all that likes right now, she does admire him for caring for Ace and she wants to make it work.


Not Going to Lose

Trina believes that she will defeat Esme and will prevail. Esme allegedly has amnesia and is unable to recall her history. She co-parents Ace with Spencer while they both share a home.

She obviously has feelings for him and wishes they were becoming closer, but it doesn’t seem like she’s looking for a means to make that happen.

There is no indication that Esme is working behind the scenes to break up Trina and Spencer. She does end up monopolizing a lot of Spencer’s time because of Ace, but it seems to be legitimate need and not just made up to distract him from Trina.

Trina doesn’t trust Esme’s motives even though she might be acting legally at the moment. Esme won’t be able to take her boyfriend away, she says. She wants to keep him, but she’s trying to find out how to do it in a way that’s considerate of his need to help out his brother.

How do you feel? Trina and Spencer: Will they survive? Do you believe she should follow him or go on her own?


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