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General Hospital Spoilers Wild Speculation: Charlotte’s Tarot Card Is A Kill Anna Trigger

Will Drew be a pawn in Victor’s GH revenge?

GH spoilers want us to pay particular attention to Charlotte’s tarot cards. The ones she got from Grandpa Victor. Don’t they look an awful lot like the cards that Grandpa Victor once used to turn Drew into an assassin? And who could Grandpa Victor have possibly wanted dead? How about Anna? The woman that Charlotte has already terrorized. And the one that Victor wrote that warning letter about. This is a long con. And Valentin isn’t doing anything to prevent it.

GH Spoilers Speculation: Girls Gone Wild

Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) has long been a holy terror. But she was a holy terror within normal parameters. She teased Aiden at school. Which is very, very bad. But, you know, still age-appropriate. Trashing hotel rooms is one thing, but burning down houses and hiring hitmen is a bit outside of normal adolescent rebellion. She may not be guilty of the latter two, but what if she is? If she did do those acts, we don’t think this is coming directly from Charlotte. There’s some brainwashing involved.

The Great and Powerful Wizard

Grandpa Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) has a lot of experience in the field of turning people into assassins. Granted, Drew (Cameron Mathison) was already a trained killer, so it was more a matter of pointing him at the target Victor wanted. But Victor did spend quite a bit of time with Charlotte when he was using her to blackmail and control Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He had every opportunity to make his granddaughter his loyal minion — and let her think it was all her idea, to boot.

It’s a Puzzlement

All the pieces are in place. Charlotte is under Victor’s posthumous control, cards can still trigger Drew, and now he’s out of prison and in the hospital. And we all know how easy General Hospital is to escape from. All Victor needs is for Charlotte to show Drew the cards, Drew to take off and track down Anna (Finola Hughes), and there you have it. Victor gets his revenge. Even though he’s not alive to enjoy it. Or is he?


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