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General Hospital: The Lady Boss Is Finally REVEALED! Brings Sonny To His Knees

At any given point of time, General Hospital is shrouded in at least half a dozen mysteries, secrets or plot-twists. A prime one amongst the current lot seems to be the mystery person who made an assassination attempt at Sonny at his own warehouse.

Meanwhile, there is another mystical figure, perhaps a lady, who barks orders to Austin and Mason. She too happens to be interested in bringing Sonny down from his kingpin position in Port Charles mob scene.

Something tells us that both these mystery figures could actually be one person on General Hospital. A fierce lady, waiting to tear Sonny apart! Moreover, now that many other mysteries and secrets are on the verge of getting spilled, perhaps it’s time f or this one to resolve too!

We have gone through many names in the past few months, but nothing has stuck so far. From Helena to Olivia Jerome to Selena, we have discussed them all! However, it seems that GH star, Maurice Benard has beaten us to it!

General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Reveals The “Real Boss”

Recently, Maurice took to his Instagram account to reveal the identity of a femme f atal who has literally brought “Sonny” down to his knees! Now, we don’t know whether she is the one pulling Mason and Austin’s strings or not.


But she has certainly ripped the dimpled don a new one! The General Hospital legend teamed up with social media influencer, Peet Montzingo, to film a hilarious video! And we promise it is going to leave you in splits!


Apparently, Peet’s mom, Vicki, happens to be a General Hospital super-fan and has always wanted to be on the soap. However, Vicki was always told that being a little person limits her scope to portray a charterer on soaps. But looks like Maurice Benard proved that this little firecracker has a lot of spark!

In the video, Vicki demands Sonny to “Get back here! Get over here,” pointing downwards. “Sonny” wastes no moment in getting down to his knees. He then goes on to admit that she is the REAL BOSS. Aah the look on is face is priceless!

Now, Vicki is obviously not the real mystery boss lady on General Hospital, but she sure sets the bar quite high for whoever is revealed to be it! Moreover, Vicki goes on to prove that whatever her height maybe, she is a giant bundle of talent!

We hope she gets to live her dream and bags a role in a soap opera soon! Until then, stay tuned to General Hospital to ABC to find out who the mystery woman really is!


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