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GH Recap: Anna Devane And Valentin’s Lovers Spat Is Over

The General Hospital recap for March 21, 2023, has Anna and Valentin back together again

The General Hospital recap features Anna Devane returning to the safe house with Lucy and learning some news from Valentin.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Anna got Lucy to go back into hiding with her, but Lucy got Maxie to just be her Nurses Ball assistant. Valentin let Drew and Carly in on his Victor plans, and Drew decided he had to help. Michael caught Josslyn with Dex and demanded Dex leave town as Willow gave Chase a pep talk on not wasting any more time in life. Finally, Dante and Sonny had a long talk, and Sonny confessed all he was feeling to his son. Now let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Anna Devane Gets What She Wants, Valentin Gets More Help

When Anna (Finola Hughes) found Lucy (Lynn Herring) in Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) office, she insisted that Lucy leave with her and go back to the safe house right away. But Lucy said the Nurses Ball couldn’t survive without her, insulting Maxie. Anna was beyond frustrated with Lucy’s yapping so Lucy tried to bring Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) Nurses Ball involvement up in order to play on Anna’s sentimental feelings, but it didn’t work. Maxie announced she had a solution and could just be her eyes and ears regarding the ball, but Lucy wasn’t so sure about that.

Lucy didn’t want to collaborate because she insisted she was the only one who could pull this off, but Anna said sure, let’s do it. Maxie agreed to follow Lucy’s orders, which she would be given from afar, and Lucy was finally satisfied.

Over on the bridge, Drew (Cameron Mathison) finally figured out why Laura (Genie Francis) refused to sell him Charlotte’s (Amelie MacLaine) ELQ stock, considering Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is alive and they weren’t Charlotte’s to sell. He demanded that Valentin tell him what is going on, so he listed the people involved in a long-running sting to bring down Victor. Right then and there, Drew and Carly (Laura Wright) insisted he had to be involved because of the military background he is not supposed to remember.

For some reason, Valentin told these two interlopers everything they have been up to for months but told Carly and Drew that they had to keep everything a secret. Drew was alarmed that both he and Anna risked being found out thanks to Lucy, and Valentin decided he needed Drew’s help, making the perpetually smiling Drew a happy man ready for a mission. Later, Drew explained to Carly why he has to help Valentin and his crew, and Carly understood.

Soon, Anna and Lucy returned to the safe house but didn’t see Valentin anywhere. She totally freaked out when she learned that Lucy was in the Metro Court when Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) was there. When Valentin returned, Anna told him he was right about everything, and Lucy managed to blow it all, and Valentin admitted he was a hypocrite because he went for a walk and allowed Carly and Drew to find him.

While Anna was glad to hear Drew was going to help them, she told Valentin she thought he was really gone and she was going to miss him. Valentin said he has waited a lifetime to be with her, so there was no way he was going to let a petty argument keep them apart. They were then more determined than ever to bring down Victor.


GH Recap: Michael And Josslyn Learn Some Truths

Michael (Chad Duell) insisted that Dex (Evan Hofer) open the door, and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) got her clothing on real quick. Michael could not figure out why Josslyn was there looking like she just got dressed, but Joss is apparently the savvier sibling and realized right away that Michael is the boss Dex has been talking about. Michael was alarmed when Josslyn told him she knew everything Dex was up to, but he was also furious that Dex allowed her in on their secret.

Dex and Joss were shocked when Michael ordered Dex to leave town right away, but Dex said Michael could fire him, but not rule his personal life. Dex wasn’t about to leave Joss, and Michael was more worried than ever. Michael was also alarmed when he learned of the warehouse shooting and once again told Joss she had to stay away from Dex. In the end, Michael lost his argument but warned them not to let Sonny (Maurice Benard) learn that they were together. Once alone, Joss and Dex promised each other they’d be more careful about being seen.

General Hospital Recap: Dante And Sonny Talk, So Do Willow And Chase

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) dropped by Sonny’s place to see what was going on with him and why Nina (Cynthia Watros) seemed upset. Sonny explained that he had a ‘security issue’ the night before, and Nina was having trouble dealing with his line of work. Sonny admitted he and Nina were going to stay apart for now, but Sonny was worried that Nina wouldn’t come back to him when it was all over.

That just confused Dante because he thought Nina worked too hard to be with him. He also pointed out that Sonny has been a kinder, gentler man since he returned from Nixon Falls. Sonny had to admit that Nina’s new view of his life might hurt things between them. Dante then played devil’s advocate and asked his dad whether he might not want his old life after becoming a different person when he got his memory back. Sonny then had to admit that the sacrifices he has to make as a mobster are harder than he thought they would be this time around.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) confessed to Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) that she is still in love with Chase (Josh Swickard) just as Chase rang the doorbell. She opened it to him holding flowers, however, the flowers were meant for Willow, and Brook Lynn was disappointed. After BLQ left the room, Willow and Chase started talking about Brook Lynn. They then discussed their past and their deathbed wedding, but Willow told him her own possible death made her realize how short life is, so he shouldn’t waste any more time without BLQ.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn was in the other room remembering her good and bad times with Chase when Chase walked in, ready to talk to her. He told her how much he missed them being together, and BLQ got emotional.


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