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GH Spoilers: Carly’s Final Gift From Bobbie Is A Game-Changer – Inheritance Brings New Path For Daughter

General Hospital (GH) teasers indicate that Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), who is facing a $5 million fine that will deplete all of her savings, will take an unexpected turn. Carly won’t let this get her down; she’ll find a way to move on and choose a career.

Since Carly was hoping to get her half of the Metro Court back, she suggested that’s why she didn’t have a job.

Carly is now willing to put herself out there and make some money, but another tough twist of fate is in her future.

It’ll take some time for it to play out onscreen, but the show will eventually have to include Bobbie Spencer’s demise due to the real-life passing of her portrayer, Jacklyn Zeman.

Even if they wait until the writers’ strike is over, Bobbie will need a GH tribute episode sooner or later.

There’ll also be a discussion about who’ll inherit what, so let’s consider how that might tie in with Carly’s situation.

Bobbie still owns Kelly’s as far as anyone knows, so Carly may find herself with a new source of income and a place to work if she chooses to.

It might be fun to see Carly get behind the counter and run things – just as a refreshing change of pace.


Of course, Carly may get a financial inheritance and other valuable assets once Bobbie is gone.

It’ll be tragic for Carly to lose her mom, but Bobbie may give Carly some amazing gifts and peace of mind through what she leaves behind.

Carly will have to figure out what to do in the meantime, but it’ll be interesting to see what she does with Kelly’s and who ends up in charge down the line.

Carly will have to make some decisions regarding the farewell gifts that Bobbie passes along, even if she lets someone else operate Kelly’s in its place.

Don’t miss what Carly has in store for you since she might be about to experience an amazing character development.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Carly will update her life as a result of the constant changes, so stay tuned for updates on her future.


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