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GH Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos Surprises Carly Corinthos – Rethinking Nina Engagement?

According to General Hospital teasers, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will present Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) with an offer that she won’t be able to turn down.

He tells Carly that he wants to perform her a favor when he arrives at her home late at night. Of course, Carly finds that offensive.

Carly had a purpose for changing her name. She wants to accomplish on her terms without accepting assistance from anyone, including Sonny, because she is a Spencer.

Sonny understands this but has a different kind of favor in mind. He tells Carly he wants to help Drew. This goodwill makes Carly want to listen to his offer.

Sonny knows Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and Carly genuinely care for each other. He wants Carly to be happy, so he pulls strings to get Drew out of solitary confinement with no strings attached for Carly.

The fact that Drew did not rat on Sonny to save himself helps Drew. This gesture is why Sonny has respect for him.

Carly accepts the favor but wants to know what is in it for Sonny. She also says she is unsure how Drew will feel about it. Sonny replies that he is doing this for Carly.

Sonny May Be Having Second Thoughts

Fans of General Hospital are aware that Sonny will always harbor affections for Carly despite his relationship with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Is Sonny second-guessing his decision to marry Nina?

Nina recently attempted to enter Sonny’s penthouse to retrieve some of her belongings. Evan Hofer’s Dex Heller forbade her from entering.

Nina immediately marched over to Sonny and wanted to know what was going on because she did not like this situation.

All Sonny could tell her in response was that he was defending his family. He expressed his hope that was a satisfactory justification for her.

Nina’s retort to Sonny was that it just made her feel like another one of Sonny’s employees. Sonny may wonder if Nina can handle life with him as a mob wife.

Recently, Sonny left Nina alone in bed to race to help Carly when she was arrested with Olivia Falconeri Quatermaine (Lisa LiCicero). Nina woke up to Sonny being gone and called Ava (Maura West).

Ava replied to her, “What did you expect?” If Nina thinks she has what it takes to be married to Sonny, she may need to look to Carly as an example.

The Perfect Mob Wife

GH’s Carly understood Sonny’s business and was married to him for years without questioning him about every little detail.

She knew Sonny needed a wife who would stand by him through thick and thin.

Nina, on the other hand, may be in over her head.

Carly is ecstatic to be with Drew. Who would not? In order to save her, he treated her like a queen and entered prison. Drew makes things simple and enjoyable.

Will Carly and Sonny eventually be drawn back to one another by their attraction to one another?

What happens if Carly learns that Nina was responsible for transforming Drew and her into the SCC prior to Sonny and Nina’s marriage? Will Carly be the one to put an end to the nuptials?


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