General Hospital

GH Spoilers Speculation: Victor And Valentin Cassadine Come Face To Face

Who will win this General Hospital showdown?

GH spoilers are all pointing to the ultimate showdown between Valentin and his father, Victor. Valentin and Anna have gone as far as to fake their deaths in order to get Victor to admit to his multiple crimes.

GH Spoilers Speculation

But will they come out triumphant in the end? Here’s what over 2,000 voters expect to see happen when father and son meet up again.

General Hospital: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Only 4% of you expect Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) to get the drop on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna (Finola Hughes), shooting both dead in the process. And that will be the end of that.

GH Action Girl

Nobody gets the drop on Anna, 12% object. She will always be one step ahead of Victor. If anyone is going to be doing any shooting, it will be Anna shooting Victor. Because he totes deserves it.

GH Spoilers: You’re Not My Real Dad

Valentin was itching to kill Victor even before he knew they were father and son, which is why 21% expect Valentin to take his ultimate revenge out on his Daddy dearest. Valentin will shoot Victor in cold blood, not just for Victor kidnapping Charlotte and using her to manipulate Valentin, but for being a crappy dad…and uncle…and all-around person. Also, Victor is a threat to Anna. And Valentin could never allow such a threat to stand.


General Hospital: Han Shot First

Surprise! There will be a third party, 63% predict. Maybe Lucy (Lynn Herring). Because she really, really wants to go to the Nurse’s Ball and take her clothes off, and she’s had enough safe house shenanigans.

Or maybe Holly (Emma Samms). She owes Victor several slugs to the head and heart to pay him back for kidnapping Ethan, killing her sister, and setting Holly up to spy on Robert (Tristan Rogers). She can plug him, then disappear again, so Anna and Valentin are free to continue their lives.


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