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GH Spoilers Two-Week Breakdown: Dilemmas, Decisions & Distractions

GH spoilers for June 19 – 30, 2023, promise the drama heats up over the next two weeks.

General Hospital spoilers reveal two weeks that will stun you in a way that May sweeps never did.

General Hospital Spoilers Upcoming Highlights

Trina (Tabyana Ali) does her best to get to know Curtis (Donnell Turner) better and the new father-and-daughter pair spend some quality time together. However, Trina can also tell that her mother would do almost anything to damage her relationship with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and that does not sit well with Trina, causing her to confront Portia (Brook Kerr) on the matter.

Drew (Cameron Mathison) has his day in court after deciding Carly (Laura Wright) is worth more to him than his own daughter Scout. He is willing to go to jail for her but thinks he will end up in Spring Ridge. Too bad the judge has other ideas that end up stunning both him and Carly. We wonder how Sam (Kelly Monaco) will feel about all this.

Ava (Maura West) is in quite a pickle with Austin (Roger Howarth) and Mason (Nathanyael Grey) making demands about Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Laura (Genie Francis) wanting to head off to find Nikolas in Russia. She also has BFF Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) problems to deal with and things might not work out quite as she has planned. Well, there’s always a martini.

GH Spoilers For June 19-23

Monday, June 19, 2023

Curtis and Trina connect. Will Trina learn to accept Curtis as her other father?
Austin cautions Laura. He wants to talk her out of going to Russia to find her son.
Jordan (Tanisha Harper) receives an intriguing opportunity. Is this of a business or personal nature?
Nina must think fast. She has to decide what to tell Sonny now that Ned (Wally Kurth) thinks he is Eddie Maine.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Ava is the voice of reason. This is a surprising turn of events. Will anyone listen to her?
Drew confers with Sam. We don’t see Sam being too happy with Drew’s not-so-bright decision.
Liz (Rebecca Herbst) offers counsel to Portia. This hot mess BFF needs some good advice.
TJ (Tajh Bellow) opens up to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). He is hurting almost as much as Molly (Holiday Mia Kriegel).
Jordan receives a surprise visitor. Will it be Zeke (Gavin Houston) or Taggert (Real Andrews)?

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Jordan takes the high road. She needs to stay out of a totally messy situation.
Curtis has some explaining to do. Does Portia now know about the kiss with Jordan?
Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) is taken by surprise. Does she get bad news about getting out of her guardianship?
Cody (Josh Kelly) summons Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs). Gladys better watch her step.
Sam is interrupted. Sam needs a storyline so hopefully this interruption comes with one.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Tracy (Jane Elliot) unleashes her fury. This should be fun, as she has a lot of people to be furious with.
Drew is blindsided. Drew thought he had the perfect plan but not so much.
Selina (Lydia Look) mediates a conflict. Does she step in between Cody and Gladys?
Michael (Chad Duell) is grateful. Does he get good news about not-dying-anymore Willow (Katelyn MacMullen)?
Alexis makes a suggestion. Molly and Kristina (Kate Mansi) might need some good advice.

Friday, June 23, 2023


Carly is outraged. She can’t believe Drew is going to have to go to Pentonville for a whole two years.
Gregory (Gregory Harrison) and Tracy clash. Gregory has a habit of clashing with women. Not a good look.
Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is desperate for answers. She can’t believe Ned is Eddie and can’t remember being married to her.
Drew sticks to his guns. He is going to go to jail because Carly apparently means more to him than his daughter.
Lucy (Lynn Herring) confides in Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Is she keeping a big secret?

General Hospital Spoilers For June 26-30

Monday, June 26, 2023

Trina seeks quality time with Spencer. This pair needs some quality time away from their family problems.
Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) is frantic. Will Tracy blow her secret?
Laura encourages Anna (Finola Hughes). Poor Anna feels directionless in life after the WSB/DVX mess.
Nina spots a familiar face. Who does she run into?
Alexis and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) catch up. Will Diane convince Alexis to try to be a lawyer again?

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Nina’s relief is short-lived. She has a million problems she brings on herself with the help of Carly.
Laura lays down the law. Who will take over as mayor when she is in Russia?
Ava and Austin are rattled. Are they in more trouble with Mason’s boss than they originally believed?
Trina opens up to Josslyn (Eden McCoy). Will Josslyn open up to her and tell her what really happened with Cam (William Lipton)?
Lucy defends Martin (Michael E. Knight). What did Martin do now?

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Ava is frantic. Things are becoming more of a mess than ever in her life because she married Nikolas.
Maxie opens up to Brook Lynn. Is Maxie feeling directionless in life?
Lucy seeks Felicia’s (Kristina Wagner) help. Does this have something to do with why she was defending Marty?
Sonny makes an offer. Is this a mobster offer that someone can’t refuse?
Carly gets more bad news. Will she have to go to Pentonville for a crime she actually did commit too?

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Drew makes a promise. He will always be there for Carly — but what about Scout?
Austin is unrepentant. He doesn’t feel any remorse for the things she has done.
Liz responds to an invitation. Please don’t let this invitation be from Finn (Michael Easton).
Spencer’s temper flares. Spencer better cool it or he can go to Pentonville with Drew.
Sam and Dante enjoy a date night. They need some time to unwind.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Curtis puts two and two together. Something tells us this has to do with Jordan and Zeke.
Zeke seeks out Jordan. He doesn’t want to end what they started.
Sasha is candid with Sonny. What does she tell him and does he realize Gladys is the bad guy here?
Finn is caught off-guard. Does this have to do with Liz or his ailing father?
Trina presses Portia. She is tired of her mother’s interference.


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