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GH Spoilers: Will Drew Cain Find Himself In Hot Water For Helping Cyrus Renault?

According to General Hospital teasers, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) may come to regret dating Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) in Pentonville. Being “the good guy” might not have been the best decision. In prison, being “the alive guy” is frequently the superior option.

Bad Reputation

In Port Charles, Cyrus Renault has taken part in a lot of unethical actions. He has engaged in a number of criminal activities, including narcotics trafficking. He has managed operations while incarcerated in the past.

It’s not common to see Renault. He has many adversaries. This time, while incarcerated, he declares that he has discovered faith. But that also doesn’t seem to be entirely legal. On his first day in jail, he sees Drew Cain and announces his new religion, inviting Drew to the sessions.

He then gives him a Bible. When Drew opens the book, he finds it is fake, and has a weapon inside of it. Is Cyrus really going to be a friend to Drew or will he be a foe?


Renault has a position in the prison library. When Drew visits the library to talk to Cyrus, some other inmates come in. They intend to mess with Cyrus, and they start beating him up.

Drew can’t bear to see an old man getting throttled, and he warns them to take off. He tells them that if they know what’s good for them, they should leave Cyrus alone.


They won’t stop, so Drew beats them up. The guards come and are going to take the main instigator and Drew off to solitary confinement. As they are preparing to do so, Cyrus suffers from a heart attack. Drew begs the guard to let him go in the room, so he can help save Cyrus. The guard agrees to let him try.

Drew ultimately succeeds in rescuing Cyrus but is nonetheless taken to solitary jail for fighting. To have Drew freed from solitary sooner than anticipated, Sonny Corthinos (Maurice Benard) winds up whispering in several ears. Drew is thanked for saving Cyrus’ life when they cross paths again. He claims to owe Drew money.

But does Drew now face a massive target on his back since he assisted Cyrus? Or perhaps Cyrus still has some unanticipated power in Pentonville after all? Will opting to assist Cyrus have a favorable or unfavorable outcome? How do you feel?


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