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Here’s What The Cast Of Yellowstone Really Thinks Of Kevin Costner

Despite the fact that Kevin Costner hasn’t been in nearly as many television roles as he has in films — while he is acknowledged for the rare period drama — the actor has been playing John Dutton with accuracy since the moment he first opened his mouth on Yellowstone. He is a legend. His career has been nothing short of amazing and most certainly earns that hefty paycheck from Yellowstone. The news of possibly being replaced by Matthew McConaughey has his fan base more than devastated.

What about the rest of the cast though? Do they love him as much as the rest of the world? Have they been able to grow close to Kevin Costner or is he more of the untouchable type? What do they think of working with him? There are so many questions! Keep reading as we attempt to answer them.

What Does Kelly Reilly Think Of Kevin Costner?

Kelly and Kevin have been in it since episode one, scene two. It is going on five years now since we heard her call John Dutton “daddy” for the first time. Playing the role of his daughter, Beth Dutton, they have a lot of time together on screen, but even more off as they film all those scenes. Kelly loves Costner. She says his powerful presence on set is so methodical, she could sit and watch him all day.

She has also said, “He’s honestly one of the nicest, most generous actors I’ve worked with. We get on so well and we have this real fun relationship. So, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty wonderful. He’s so incredible on the show. I really respect him as an actor and the work he’s doing. I just love what he does. I’m learning a lot from him.”

What Does Cole Hauser Think Of Kevin Costner?

Cole Hauser is a favorite among the ladies as Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone. He’s another one who earns his paycheck and then some. His character is so well represented. He truly embodies all the roles Rip has to play on the ranch. But as far as Cole and Kevin Costner go, they have a very close onscreen and off-screen relationship. Hauser plays Yellowstone ranch foreman Rip Wheeler on the show.

As the story goes, John Dutton took Rip in when he was young. He will never leave his side, and in the show, John Dutton trusts Rip with all of his deepest secrets and greatest possessions, including his daughter.

In real life, they have an amazing bond as well. Hauser says the most amazing thing about Kevin Costner is who he is as a person. He says he is truly an inspiration with everything that he does, and to a certain extent Cole idolizes him, and looks up to him.

What Does Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) Think Of Kevin Costner?

Considering that Luke Grimes plays the son of Kevin’s character, John Dutton, on the Paramount Network western drama, the 38-year-old actor has spent a lot of time on-screen with Kevin throughout the show’s five seasons.

Nonetheless, it appears that the two characters’ unique friendship extends beyond television. In an interview with Monsters and Critics he said, “Working with someone who is that iconic and whose career is that legendary is always sort of a pinch-me moment, like, ‘Is this real?'” he said to the site. “It feels like a benchmark in your own career, and you try to soak in as much knowledge as you can.”

Luke had nothing but praise for Kevin Costner in fact. He talked about his passion for his work and how Kevin still yearns for learning new things, and discovering how he can make the most of his character and get the most out of every scene. That is something you might think he would have grown out of, given his stature in the industry, but he hasn’t. Grimes added that he almost reminds him of an actor who is just getting started. Not in his talent, of course, but in how he takes it all in. He wants the viewers to love the show as much as he loves making it.


What Does Wes Bentley Think Of Kevin Costner?

Wes Bentley has played Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone for the past four ½ seasons. The majority of the show has him and his father at odds, and sister Beth adding fuel to the fire every chance she can get. Bentley has actually said he recognizes Costner’s smell because they spend so much time at each other’s throats on the Yellowstone. “He smells like baseball,” Bentley says in an interview with Knockturnal. It is, of course, a nod to some of Costner’s most esteemed roles in baseball movies like “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams.”

Wes has also admitted that he has to put his feelings about Kevin Costner aside in order to play his role. The fact is, Wes Bentley has idolized Kevin Costner since he was a child, and knowing him as a person has only elevated that for him because Costner is such an amazing human being.

What Does Kelsey Asbille Think Of Kevin Costner?

Kelsey doesn’t spend as much time with Costner as the rest of the cast, she is tied to the family by marriage and doesn’t agree with a lot of what they do so she tries to stay away in the beginning. However, she still works with him and therefore has her opinion, not that it’s any different. Kelsey has said that Kevin Costner indeed lives up to the hype.

During an interview with Taste of Country she noted, “He’s a true movie star, and they don’t make ’em like him anymore. So, I think that there’s an aspect of, you’re constantly … I guess forever starstruck is a good way to say it. He’s had a career for a long time, but he still loves, he’s so passionate about what he does. And I think that’s really contagious.” Asbille goes on to describe how comfortable he makes everyone feel on the set, and what a joy he is to be around.

What Does Brecken Merrill Think Of Kevin Costner?

Brecken Merrill got cast as Tate Dutton when he was just 8 years old. He had no idea at the time how insanely popular this show would become, but he was ecstatic, to say the least. Brecken feels blessed to work with the entire cast of Yellowstone, he thinks they are all amazing, but especially Kevin Costner.

Kevin has helped him steer through his goals in life and bring him to where he is now; wanting to pursue acting as a career choice. At first Brecken Merrill was just kind of doing it for fun, but with the guidance of Costner, he reflected on it and realized it was his true passion.


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