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Here’s Why Ava And Sonny Have A Possible Romance Brewing On General Hospital

Where does that leave Nina…and Carly?

Sonny and Ava share a daughter on General Hospital. But they never loved each other. They never even liked each other. Avery came about after a very energetic bout of hate sex. In a crypt. (That is, if there is no twist in the offing and she doesn’t turn out to be Sonny’s granddaughter, rather than his daughter, via Morgan.) It’s taken Sonny and Ava years to so much as be in the same room together without going for the jugular…or, at least, the eyeballs. But now they’ve joined forces and in recent weeks, they’re getting along…pretty well…really well, actually. They’re getting along well enough for them to move on from hate to like, and possibly even from like…to love.

Wherever We’re Together That’s My Home

Sonny (Maurice Benard, who recently talked Sonny and Ava’s bond) has asked Nina (Cynthia Watros) for a divorce. Sure, she’s the woman who made him smile for the first time in a long time. She also made him reconsider his life of killing and robbing people. Sonny walked away from Carly (Laura Wright) for Nina. Walking away from Nina now, even for Ava (Maura West), would prove Carly right. And nobody wants that.


My One and Only

Oh, and speaking of Carly, everyone — including Sonny, including Nina, including Ava — knows that he’ll make his way back to her sooner or later. They can’t live with each other, they can’t live without each other, and they certainly can’t kill each other — they’ve tried.

So, sure, Sonny can divorce Nina. And he can dally with Ava. But Carly (who recently reunited with Jason [Steve Burton]) is endgame for Sonny. So, anyone else…even Ava…is just a time filler.

The One That I Want

The one thing fans are right about is that Sonny and Ava are perfect for each other. Perfect friends, that is. Sonny can go to her to complain about Nina. Or about Carly. That, and co-parenting Avery, will be their longest and most productive relationship, but who knows? Perhaps they’ll try to make a real go of a romance, first? Even so…we don’t see it lasting.


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