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How Long Until Bad Esme Prince Returns To General Hospital?

Will Trina regret cutting her GH slack?

T’was a General Hospital Christmas miracle when Esme Prince finally remembered who she was — and what she’d done in 2023. Not just for the fans who’ve been wondering if she’s been faking it all along, and not even just for Trina and Joss, who can now see her prosecuted for the crimes committed against them, but for Esme, who can finally decide who she wants to be. Does she want to resort to her wicked, wicked ways, or continue on the — more or less — straight and narrow path she’s been following since Ace’s birth?

Esme Prince: A Mother Now

Even before she lost her memory, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was in love with her baby. She is dedicated to being a good mother. Esme knows what it’s like to have a horrible mother. Her time with Heather (Alley Mills) made that super, duper clear. So, possibly for Ace’s sake, she won’t allow herself to revert to the Esme she used to be.

Damn the Torpedoes

On the other hand, what if Ace is in danger? Under those circumstances, Esme will have no choice but to become the schemer of old (remember THIS OMG moment with her memory). And if she happens to interpret Ace in danger as him losing Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) attention or, worse, Nikolas’s (Adam Huss) money, well, then, who knows what this mama bear might do?


Take Your Time

The logical course of action, of course, is for Esme to slowly wrap her mind around the old and the new her. The current her seems to be doing pretty well. She’s got her precious baby. She’s got Spencer’s attention — to an extent. And Nik has been keeping his distance. Plus, Laura (Genie Francis) is on her side. It doesn’t get better than that.

Should the situation change, however, well, then, isn’t it nice to know that Esme has the skill set to fight back and get whatever she needs? Not for herself, for Ace. And, well, for herself.


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