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Jax Taylor Recalls The “Crushing” Events That Led To His Split From Brittany

The Valley cast member also shared how he and Brittany Cartwright are handling being “cordial” amid their separation.

Jax Taylor is continuing to open up about his separation from wife, Brittany Cartwright, and detailing more on what led to the break.

The Valley cast members, who first announced their split in late February, have since been outspoken about what went wrong and what it would take for them to get back together. Jax continued this streak of honesty on Tuesday, May 7 when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where he gave an update about their current relationship status and revealed what led up to the split.

What is the Real Reason for Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Split?

Jax admitted to host, Andy Cohen, that there was no cheating or infidelity with him or Brittany in the relationship. The reason for their split was “strictly a communication thing,” he said, as seen in the video clip above. “And until I can fix myself and get to where I want to be, I can’t be good for her.”

Jax also took the blame for why their sex life diminished, as Brittany has openly discussed on this season of The Valley. “I’m just going through a lot of things with my mental health right now, it’s a real tough process,” he said.

Jax continued to explain that the events leading up to The Valley airing took a toll on himself and their relationship. “Being married is not easy,” he explained. “Going through what we went through, with Covid, and then obviously losing our job on Vanderpump [Rules], and then going through all that and then having a baby, there was a lot of stuff that was just piling down on me and it was crushing me — it would crush anybody.”


Are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Getting Along Better?

Jax added that his relationship with Brittany is amicable even as they are “currently separated.” “You know, right now, we are cordial,” he continued. “She lives down the street, we see each other every single day, we take our son to school every day together, we go to swim class, we go to soccer. We do everything. We’re just not sleeping in the same bed.”

He also said that he doesn’t “feel bad” that he is staying in their home while Brittany chose to move out. “It was Brittany’s choice to leave,” he said. “It wasn’t an abusive thing, it wasn’t a cheating thing, it’s just because we’re not communicating. Brittany does very well for herself, I’m sorry. Our house is very, very expensive, I’m not going to carry two mortgages.”

Jax Taylor Admits He’s “Trying To Get Help” Amid Split

Something that hasn’t been good for their relationship is Jax’s “temper.” “I have a short temper, I have a short fuse, I don’t have any patience,” he said. “There’s a long, long, list of things I’m currently trying to get some help. I really, really need a lot of help. I do.”

“I’m trying,” he continued. “As you guys know, on Vanderpump Rules, I went through, like, three different therapists.”

When Andy pressed on this, Jax admitted that he’s had some bad experiences in the past with therapy, which might take him a while to go back to it. “After going through all that, it’s not that easy to jump back in again,” he said.


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