‘NCIS’ Actress Katrina Law Wears Lacy Slip Dress During Hiking Trip To Snowy Mountains

NCIS actress Katrina Law is not afraid to push boundaries with her fashion looks. She recently shared photos on Instagram after going hiking in a lacy slip dress on Thursday, July 6.

Katrina wore the red polka dot frock with lace accents as she walked along a trail, which was full of snow, ice patches and rocks. She paired the dainty dress with red thermal leggings and green hiking boots. Katrina wore her hair in loose curls and opted for a makeup-free look.

“I firmly stand behind my hiking attire choices,” she captioned the carousel of photos from the trip.

In the comments section, fans of the Hawaii Five-0 star defended her unconventional hiking ensemble.

“Hey, if you’re comfy and you’re happy, I don’t give a fluff what you wear,” one person wrote. “Rock it, lady! Looks like you had good times.”

Katrina’s NCIS costar David Blue wrote, “It’s like a hiking cocktail party. Here for it.”

Known for posting photos of her travels on Instagram over the years, it’s no surprise that Katrina wanted to bring her followers along with her on her latest adventure. The Pennsylvania native, who shares daughter Kinley with husband Keith Andreen, also posted a clip of a beautiful waterfall that she passed by during her hike.


“Looks like the set for a Hallmark Christmas movie,” another fan commented on the set of pictures.

Katrina has starred in multiple Hallmark Christmas movies in the past, including Snow Bride, 12 Gifts of Christmas and Christmas With the Darlings. While it is unclear if she is currently working on any other holiday films for the network, Katrina made it known that she enjoyed her experience as the lead in multiple Christmas-centric television movies.

“I really, truly enjoyed working with Hallmark because it is a feel-good network. And you know that you can just put it on during the holidays or any time of the year, and it’s just going to make you feel good by the end of it,” she told TV Fanatic in November 2020. “It’s a family-friendly environment. It’s also one of my dad’s favorite channels, and I’m not joking when I say all year long my dad has the Hallmark channel on.”


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